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Sx & tx

Sx: vertigo, gait instability, NV, UNILATERAL hearing loss

Tx: resolves on its own but can be sped up with 10 day taper of steroids


Acute bacterial rhinosinusitis
sx & tx

sx: rhinosinusitis >10 days without evidence of improvement, fever, purulent nasal discharge or facial pain lasting at least 3-4 days

tx: augmentin


Pt with progressive difficulty swallowing of both SOLIDS and LIQUIDs, hearburn, saliva regurgitation, foods getting stuck, squeezing retrosternal chest pain after eating, XR = widen mediastinum without gastric bubble. EDG w/bx were negative. whats your next test to dx? whats the dx?

High res Esophageal Manometry to properly dx ACHALASIA -- barium swallow can nondiagnostic in 1/3 of pts