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Von Willebrand dz, Protein C def, hemophilia A & B

PTT, PT, bleeding time, platelets?

-VWD: normal platelets, PT/INR & aPTT
-Hemophilia A/B: nomal platelets, PT, bleeding time. Prolonged PTT
-Protein C: def causes DIC = prolonged bleeding time, low platelets & increased PT & PTT


When do you see Howell jolly bodies?

Howel jolly = nuclear remnants/DNA. Seen anytime you have significant reticulocytosis.
-aspleenia, spleen trauma,autospleenectomy/sickle cell anemia, megaloblastic anemia, hereditary spherocytosis, myelodysplastic syndrome


When do you see basophilic stippling? what is it?

Basophilic stipling is aggregation of residual ribosomes = toxic injury to bone marrow such as in lead poisoning or megaloblastic anemia.


When do you see burr cells?

occurs when RBC have abnormal cell membranes.


When do you see Heinz bodies? what are they?

denatured globin chains within RBC. seen with G6PD deficiency


Beta Thalassemia hemoglobin electrophoresis will show….

Reduced or absent HgAlpha, increased HgA2 and increase HgF