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what are the benefits of good customer service?

1.Motivated and highly performing staff
2.Customers return to the organisation
3.Market share may increase
4.Customers recommend the business to their friends


what are the effects of poor customer service?

1.Demotivated staff due to complaints
2. Dissatisfied customers dont return
3. Dissatisfied customers dont recommend the business and may sway other potential customers
4.May need to spend more money to change company image


name 3 ways in which a company can see how satisfied its customers are?

1. Questions from staff
2. Mystery shopper
3. Consumer panel
4. Customer questionnaires
5. Comment cards
6. Online surveys


why do people set up their own businesses?

1. They want to be their own boss
2. They may have been made redundant and are using their redundancy money to set up their own business
3. They have an idea for a new Product or service
4. they are trained or have skills in a certain job but cant find/get one so they make their own one


where do people get ideas for starting their own businesses?

1. spotting a gap in the market
2. improving on an existing product


what is an Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur is someone who has an idea or is willing to develop someone-else's idea in order to produce a Good or a Service


What must an entrepreneur do to be successful?

1. Take risks
2. show initiative and make things happen
3. Undertake new ventures


What Skills makes an entrepreneur successful?

1. Communicate well with people
2. Make good decisions
3. Selling
4. Negotiating
5. Marketing
6. Problem solving
7. ICT skills
8. Good at dealing with finances
9. Planning
10. Coordinating
11. Delegating
12. Controlling


What Qualities makes an entrepreneur successful?

1. Confidence
2. Determination
3. Enthusiasm
4. Leadership
5. Organised
6. Persuader
7. Problem Solver
8. Creative
9. Good at coming up with ideas
10. Enterprising
11. Risk Taker
12. Self Confident