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What are the 2 main methods of removing unwanted returns

Moving target indicator

Circular polarisation


What is circular polarisation

Electromagnetic frequency is reflected and reversed

It is used to overcome weather clutter.

Can mask some returns

Receiver gated to ignore some returns and allow a/c to be seen


What is moving target indicator

Display echoes from moving targets and rejects echoes from fixed targets

Used to remove ground clutter.


What is tangential finding

A/c moving tangentially to Radar beam(90 degrees) the A/C will not have a radial component so won’t be seen


What is blind velocity fading.

A/C flying directly towards or away from radar scanner changes radial distance by half wavelength during one pulse recurrence interval will have no Doppler effect so cancels blip


What do we need to take into consideration when deciding on method used to transmit radar information

Nature of signals - analogue or digital

Distance to be covered


What are the 4 method we could use to transmit radar information

Coaxial cables

Radio link

Telephone link

Fibre optics


When can a telephone link be used and what are the benefits

Can be used if sufficiently high grade.

Can go a considerable distance

High standard of reliability


When can wE use fibre optics as a method of information transmission

Over short distances eg airfield radar site to the tower


How can we reduce or eliminate gaps in radar coverage

By using info from a variety of sources and putting it into a mosaic picture


How big are grid squares that form columns of air and what are these called

16nm by 16nm

Radar sort boxes


How many radar systems can a radar sort box have attached to it and how are they labelled




What does digital signal processing do

Needs a plot extractor

Decides the validity of target

Decides if PSR SSR or combined

Checks for special codes

Calculates azimuth and range data

Produces one complete target report per a/c


What is a video map and what does it contain

Added to radar screen to overlay
Significant points, final approach tracks, airspace restrictions, Airspace boundaries, coastlines and rivers, national and FIR boundaries and LAT and Long.