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Railway Express Agency v. New York (1949) J. Douglas

Holding: Law restricted operation of advertising vehicle. Court upheld law under equal protection and rejected argument about unequal treatment

Under rational basis review, Gov’t had legitimate purpose of enhancing traffic safety b/c advertisements could be distracting

Public safety, health and morals are all legitimate gov’t purposes

It is not a requirement that all evils of the same area be eradicated or none at all



New York Transit Authority v. Beazer (1979) J. Stevens

tolerance for over-inclusiveness

Holding: Upheld city’s regulation that prevented those in meth maintenance programs from holding positions in Transit Authority, using rational basis review

Substantially over-inclusive for public safety – many people in those programs getting treatment for drug addiction. But, safety is paramount, especially for a job in public transit


Allegheny Pittsburgh Coal Co. v. Webster County (1989) J. Rehnquist

Holding: Rare instance where Court invalidated law b/c of its irrationality under rational basis review

Law about valuing real property based on recent sale price

Court said it was arbitrary and unsupported by state law