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Act 1 Key Quotes


“I don’t know - really. Suddenly I felt I just had to laugh”

“(rather noisily) All the best! She’s got a nasty temper sometimes - but she’s not had really. Good old Shiela!”

“I left ‘em talking about clothes again. You’d think a girl had never any clothes before she gets married. Women are potty about ‘em”

“Why shouldn’t they try for higher wages?”


Act 2 Key Quotes


“(bitterly) You haven’t made it any easier for me, have you, mother?”

“Yes. I wasn’t in love with her or anything - but I liked her - she was pretty and a good sport —“

“No. She didn’t want me to marry her. Said I didn’t love her - and all that. In a way, she treated me - as if I were a kid, though I was nearly as old as she was”

“(nearly at breaking point) Then - you killed her. She came to you to protect me - and you turned her away - yes, and you killed her - and the child she’d have had too.”

“(unhappily) My God!- I’m not likely to forget”


Act 3 Key Quotes


“Well, I don’t blame you. But don’t forget I’m ashamed of you as well - yes both of you”

“(bursting out) what’s the use of talking about behaving sensibly. You’re beginning to pretend now that nothing’s really happened at all. And I can’t see it like that. This girl’s still dead, isn’t she? Nobody’s brought her to life, have they?”

“The money’s not the important thing. It’s what happened to the girl and what we all did to her that matters”