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Continuity- Multi Regional theory 

Theory-anagenetic evolution (evolution of species involving an entire population), Intraspecific (within species), gene flow,population

Evidence- Fossils, morpho continuity, features (tools), Mladee (czek)

Problems- Rapid decline of HSN features, art behavior (very limited)


Out of Africa - Replacment

Theory- Cladigentic (evolutionary splitting event in a species), Interspecific (literally between/among species), Founder effect, species

Evidence- Genetics, Biological (Y-chrom, MTdna) MTDna of HSN 500,000 years ago

Probelms- chimps > 1mya still breed, Eurosians with 1-5% of HSN DNA


Mostly Out of Africa

Theory- No speciation (can breed), Gene Wave (one way), New population

Evidence- Carmal Hights, Do valho boy (both show evidence of hybrid)

Problems- SA HE holdover (arcaic pops), Classic Neanderthals, Mix?