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What does the SED stand for?

Socialist Unity party


How was the SED formed.

The socialist SPD was coerced into merging with the the larger communist KPD to form the new party.


What was Bizonia?

In January 1947 The British and American governments agreed to merge their zones of occupation into one.


Why did the creation of Bizonia anger Stalin?

Stalin regarded this as a deliberate first step of the west to create an independent capitalist Germany in the west. At the time the division was not set in stone and there was still the potential for German unification under a neutral Government, like what had happened in Austria.


What was Trumans policy of containment?

A principle of American foreign policy following the end of WW2 its aim was to prevent the spread of communism, it reflects America’s concern of the spread of Soviet influence in Eastern Europe and south east Asia.


What was the Truman doctrine.

In 1947, the US Truman established the policy that the USA would provide political, military and economic aid to democratic nation. Either from external or internal factors .


Explain Truman’s policy of Marshall aid.

In 1948 the USA made large sums of money available to countries in Europe to help them rebuild. The USA believed that increased prosperity would decrease the threat of communism, in total $13 billion was allocated to states in Western Europe.


How did the introduction of the Deutschmark upset the soviets?

Stalin accused the west of trying undermine economic unity of Berlin. As well as being an act of aggression the soviets saw this to be a violation of the principle of joint allied decision making over Germany.


How did the Soviets respond to the introduction of the Deutschmark in Bizonia.

Six days after the introduction the Deutschmark the Soviets blockaded the Allies supply routes to West Berlin . This meant in theory the allies would not be able to deliver supplies meaning that they would have to abandon the city to the Soviets.


How did the did the west react to theBerlib Blockade?

In what became known as the Berlin Airlift the allied powers flew in supplies with military transport planes, at its height a supply plan was landing in West Berlin every 90 seconds.
The Soviets could not intervene without committing an act of war in which they would be considered the aggressors.