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Forgetting special circumstances, how many weeks gestation is the upper limit of abortion in the UK under the Abortion Act 1967?

24 weeks


What special circumstances allow the usual gestational upper limit of abortion, under the Abortion Act 1967, to be over-ridden?

Necessary to save the woman's life
Extreme fetal abnormality
Grave risk of physical and/or mental injury


if a girl is aged under 16 what conditions must be satisfied in order for her to undergo an abortion without parental knowledge? (there are four)

- UNDERSTAND: Girl understands all aspects of the advice and implications
- PERSUADE: You can't persuade her to tell her parents or for you to tell them
- HEALTH: The girl's mental or physical health is likely to suffer without such treatment
- INTERESTS: It's in the girl's best interest to receive such treatment without the parent's knowledge


Under the Abortion Act 1967 what four justifications are there for providing an abortion?

- reduces risk to woman's life
- reduces risk to her physical and/or mental health
- reduces risk to physical and/or mental health of existing children
- baby is at risk of severe physical/mental health issues