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The sanctity of life

- life is special, sacred and holy
- has intrinsic worth
- Bible can be used as support
- Used to argue against Euthanasia


Slippery Slop argument

- Can be used in the context of the sanctity of life
- once life is considered to be less than sacred in some cases it undermines all human dignity


Quality of life

- considering how much enjoyment and fulfillment a person is getting given their state
- commonly considered in cases of animal welfare



- involves question of what makes a living thing a 'person'
- some argue that in order to be a person there must be awareness of self and others
- others argue that in order to be a person the only this necessary is to be human
- Others argue that other species should be considered as persons


Voluntary Euthanasia

- when persons life is ended at their own request
- key argument is that people should have the right to avoid pain
- suicide is an option for able-bodied people and it is discriminatory not to allow it for disabled people
- some argue against as some may change their mind when they are no longer able to communicate



- without request of patient


Natural law

- euthanasia is an apparent good but it is not a real good
- doctrine of double affect could be used in end of life care


Natural law advantages

- it gives clear advice
- Respects religious beliefs
- Does not leave people vulnerable
- Avoids a 'slippery slope'


Natural law disadvantages

- could be seen as unsympathetic
- medical advances make it difficult to judge whether some kinds of treatment should be regarded as burdensome


Situation Ethics

- Fletcher was in favour of legalised euthanasia
- SE rejects absolute rules
- Fletcher though quality of life was more important that the sanctity of life


Situation Ethics advantages

- compassionate
- less discriminatory
- greater emphasies of human autonomy


Situation Ethics disadvantages

- doesnt give recognition to sacred nature of human life
- legalisaing may cause a slippery slope