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Massacre of Black Kettle's group of Cheyenne Natives. Mostly women, children, and elderly men. Soldiers kept body parts as trophies.

Sand Creek Massacre


U.S. soldiers chase Lakota led by Crazy Horse into a trap of about 2,000 Lakota and Cheyenne warriors.

Fetterman Massacre


U.S. army went to war with Lakota and Cheyenne because gold was found in the Black Hills, South Dakota. The U.S. troops were outnumbered and lost the battle and the Lakota escaped to Canada.

Little Big Horn


Police try to arrest Sitting Bull but he is accidentally shot and killed and a fight breaks out.

Wounded Knee


U.S. army surround Big Foot and 350 men. A gun fired and fighting broke out. About 300 men, women, and kids were killed.

Wounded Knee


Act that divided up reservations into family farms and tried to make Natives more like American farmers.

Dawes Act