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When was the A.T Still Research Institute Founded?

1909; by the AOA w/ $16,000


Where was most of the researched performed, regarding osteopathic medicine, in the 1900s?

At the COMs themselves


What two individuals were responsible for a major segment of research growth during the 1940s?

Denslow and Korr; work on the facilitated segment

{Don't you Know, about dat research?}


What occured during the 1950s in regards to the MDs and DOs?

There was a merger in the 1950s between DOs and MDs in California


What are the five schools that remained after the merger?

Kirksville, Chicago, Kansas City, Philadelphia, and Des Moines


When did the expansion of new schools begin?

This began between 1970-2000


What was a main source of research during the time of 1970-2000s?

Completion of research programs to be completed by the residents


During what years was a national research institute sought after?

2001-2007; established at Texas School


What are some distinctions of Louisa Burns?

-Pioneer career osteopathic researcher
- Director A.T Still Research Institute 1917-1935
- Researched S-V and V-S Reflexes


What was was Wilbur Coles significance?

Reproduced Dr. Burns experiments; Internal validation


What was J.S Denslow's contribution to osteopathic research?

- Studies documenting and quantifying muscle, muscle reflex & autonomic changes in areas of somatic dysfunction
- Standard Terminology Proponent


What was I.M Korr's contribution?

- Sympatheticotonia (Heightened sympathetic tone with disease)
- Axoplasmic flow & trophic function of the nerves
- Galvanic skin resistance of subjects associated with disturbances in autonomic function
{ K- SAG}


What was I.M Korr considered to be?

"The Second Great Philosopher of Osteopathic Medicine"
- Promoted entire DO- patient interaction as research paradigm, not just OMT


What was William L. Johnston contribution?

- Reliability studies
- Validity studies
- Viscerosomatic reflexes


What was the outcome of the L.A County Hospital M.D v.s D.O care?

MD + DO= 9.7% mortality
D.O Only: 5.53% mortality


What was the outcome of the OMT + Standard care v.s Standard care of pts w/ LBP?

- Results were no different for pts.
- OMT Group required less medications


What was the main outcome of the Dog lab with Lymphatic Pump treatment?

- Increase in flow of lymph in the thoracic duct
- Increased # of leukocytes


Which of the following treatments was found to be more effective in regards to increasing lymphatic effectiveness, Abdominal or Thoracic Pump?

Abdominal pump


What are the main outcomes of the lymphatic pump treatment in the rat and dog models?

LPT; increased lymph flow
- Protection from bacteria in lung (Px)
- Protective during development of solid tumor in lungs
- No changes in serum markers


What is the difference between OMM & OMT?

OMM: Series of OMT, including duration, frequency, and order.

OMT: Is just a specific maneuver