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What are the 4 Types of Radiograph Errors

1. Patient Preparation
2. Technique Errors
3. Exposure and Processing Errors
4. Film-Handling Errors


What are the 2 sub-types of Patient Prep errors?

Radiopaque artifacts
Motion artifact


2 common examples of radiopaque artifacts

Eyeglasses & Dental appliances


What is the primary cause of motion artifact

Patient movement as a result of clinician not emphasizing the importance of staying very still


Technique Errors: Appropriate Teeth - Why is it so important to make sure the right teeth are in frame?

Because each pic is designed to capture specific teeth and structures.....it helps minimize exposure


What can cause the "Apices Cut off" Technique error

Film not positioned apically enough

Insufficient Vertical Angulation can project images off the film


What technique error can cause a "herringbone" pattern to be superimposed on the image of the teeth?

Putting the film in backwards


What is "Dot Artifact"...how can it be avoided

Film ID dot can interfere with important structures

Prevent by obeying "Dot in the Slot"


What error can result in a double image?

Re-exposure of a previously exposed, but undeveloped film


How is horizontal angulation related to diagnosing interproximal caries?

Horizontal angulation error can cause the image to have overlapping contacts making interproximal caries diagnosis impossible


What arch is usually affected by vertical angulation errors?


Foreshortened buccal roots and failure of the palatal and buccal cusp tips to align occur with too much vertical angulation


What error will cause the image of the plastic positioning ring to show on the image?

Incorrectly assembling the film positioning device


What error occurs when only part of the film is covered by the beam; and leaving the other part unexposed?

Cone Cut


What is the 50% rule for BW

Equal amounts of maxillary and mandibular crown should be captured on the BW


Exposure and Processing Errors:
What error results in the plastic film being clear with a blue tint?

Processing an unexposed film


What are "Roller Streaks"

Radiolucent lines may appear on the film if the rollers in the automatic processor are dirty and sludge contaminates the film


What happens if the film is exposed to light before processing?

The image will be ruined


What type of film handling error occurs when radiolucent lines/curves end up on the image from bending the film or pressing too hard on it pre-exposure

Pressure marks


What would cause a brown colored stain on a traditional (non digital) xray image

Insufficient removal of the chemical fixer


What might cause film overlap?

Feeding films into the processor in too rapid succession