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A pan would be good for getting more details about a lesion whose borders extend past what?

The edge of intraoral radiographs


What type of traumatic injuries are pan's especially good for

Mandible injury to evaluate a fracture and then subsequent fracture healing after treatment


Pans are good for evaluation of third molars. Besides the tooth's location what other factors are being considered

Proximity to the neurovascular bundle or maxillary antrum


What is a pan good for, especially for patients between the ages of 6-12?

Mixed dentition analysis


How might a pan help when evaluating a fibrous dysplasia?

Evaluation of asymmetry of swelling


How might a pan be of use to a dentist designing new dentures for a patient

Examining the relationship of the crest of the ridge to the mandibular canal, floor of the nose and sinuses


What sinus is typically evaluated using a pan



What type of TMD could be evaluated with a pan

Osseous symptoms, like degeneration and arthritis


if you have already taken a baseline pan, what do you need to have in order to justify taking another f/u pan?

Clinical evidence of disease


What errors will be caused if the patient is positioned with their chin down?

V shaped mandibular profile
Exagerrated curve of spee
V shaped hard palate
Condyles might be off of film


What errors will be caused if the patient is positioned with their chin up

Flat mandibular profile
Flat or reversed curve of spee
Inverted hard palate


What errors occur if the patient is seated too far forward

Teeth (especially anterior) seem narrow
Cervical spine overwhelms the rami
Structures are blurred


What error occur if the patient is seated too far back

Teeth seem wide
Cervical spine disappears off of the lateral edge of film


What errors occur if the patient's head is twisted

Teeth on the side the patient is facing will be close to the tubehead and will appear wide
Opposite side teeth will appear narrow


What errors will occur if the head is tilted

Image of angle of mandible and earlobe will be lower on one side than the other


What positioning error will cause partially opaque triangles to appear over anterior mandible

slumping neck


Branching, thin radiolucent line with a fern like pattern are caused by what technical error

Static electricity caused by pulling a screen film combo out of a plastic cassette quickly in low humidity


Thin opaque lines of uniform width appear in the same location on every film taken

Scratched/cracked intensifying screen


What technical error will cause thin, cruvilinear radiolucencies where film was held too tightly

Pressure mark


What is it called when the images of two sets of jaws appears on the same film

double exposure


What happens in a light leak technical error?

Radiolucent line or zone will appear in the same place on all films taken with that cassette


How would an incomplete exposure occur?

By not holding down the xray button until the beep


What is is called when you over expose film by turning the darkroom lights on prematurely

darkroom exposure


Moisture droplets will appear like what on the image

radiolucent circles


What causes a film to be too dark on a pan? How do you adjust for it?

Overexposure. You can't adjust time of exposure so you must reduce the kVp