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Who's the only person Jesus ever named in a parable

Lazarus - Luke 16:19-31


Luke 17 - story of Lepers

Expressed gratitude helps one go from simply being cleansed to becoming whole


What gospel is known for what it doesn't tell us?



Where do all the synoptic gospels place the cleansing of the temple

They put it at the end while John puts it at the beginning. (Maybe to make a point about Christ's Divinity)


Who were the money changers at the temple (most likely)?

The Sadducees


Who is the onlygospel author to give the bread of Life sermon

Bread of life sermon


Which sermon caused some people to leave?

Bread of Life Sermon in John 6


Gospel of Luke

First Christian historian
Writing as a gentile to gentiles
Includes a lot of stories about women


Luke Unique stories

• Christ's adolescence (Luke 2)
• Apostles asking if Christ wanted to destroy Samaritan village that didn't receive him
• Parable of Lazarus and rich man
• Parable of the Good Samaritan
• Parable of the Prodigal Son


Gospel of John

• Writes "on the stage"
Personal conversations and private settings
Written for members of the church who already had the basic information about Christ


Unique material from John

• Water into wine
• woman taken in adultery
• "The Word" which was translated from the Greek word "logos" - passes sentimental/emotion through word?



Jesus knew about Nathanael's experience under a fig tree


James and John

• The disciples who were with the savior in Samaria
• They wanted to call down fire on the village when they wouldn't receive the Savior



• Peter's brother
• brought Peter to meet the Savior


Mary, mother of Jesus

• Quoted Hannah's song
• told her servants "whatsoever he saith unto you, do it" - water into wine


Mary and Martha

• Mary is listening at the feet of the Savior while Martha is serving
• Christ says to Martha, "one thing is needful"


Woman at the well - Know it well

• Jew - sir - prophet - Christ
• asks the Savior if He is greater "than our father Jacob?"
• Woman mentions the Messiah and then Christ tells her that He is the Messiah
• "Art thou greater than our father Jacob?"



• savior teaches him about being reborn and he seems to not understand that it does not literally mean to be physically born again but is a spiritual rebirth
• "And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up"
• "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son"



• a publican
• climbed up the sycamore tree to see Christ
• Christ stopped at his house on last journey to Bethany


Lazarus (the friend, not the one in the parable)

• dead for four days before Christ comes to heal him


Simon the Pharisee

• Has the savior over for dinner when the woman who is a sinner comes in and washes the Savior's feet with her tears and pours on his feet the very precious and expensive oil
• when Simon complains, the Savior responds with the parable of the two debtors - who will love Him more?



• Christ's hometown
• visits synagogue and tells them two Old Testament stories
• Elijah and the widow
• Elisha and Naaman
• also reads from Book of Isaiah and pronounces fulfillment of scriptures
• congregation didn't like that Nd tried to throw Him over a cliff
• He did not visit there again


Parable of the Good Samaritan

• Gives us an outline of the plan of Salvation and redemption
• the certain man or the Good Samaritan traveled from Jerusalem to Jericho and was purposeful in his journey when he came upon the man who was left "half-dead"
• He then binds the man's wounds pouring in oil and wine and takes him to the inn
• Adam is beaten man, Christ is Good Samaritan, inn is the church


Lazarus and the Rich Man

• May have foreshadowed the futur miracle of real Lazarus being raised from the dead
• the rich man wouldn't offer Lazarus a crumb and as a result was not given a drop of water when Lazarus was dining with Abraham in the spirit world - Abraham's Bosom
• Only parable when anyone is given a name.


Parable of the Prodigal Son

• The second son refers to the prodigal son as his "father's son"
• the father continued to hope and search for the prodigal sons and had fitted gifts ready to give to him when he saw him from far away


Five parables to know

Parables of the Sower
Labourera in the vineyard
Lazarus and the rich man


John 6

1. feeding of the 5000
A. savior tests Philip by asking him, "Where should we buy bread that these may eat"
B. 5 loaves and 2 dishes brought to the Savior
C. Andrew asks "what are they among so many?"
2. Bread of Life Sermon
a. Many disciples stop following him because he stops giving literal food to them
b. savior asks his apostles "will ye also go away?"


John 7-8

Feast of the Tabernacles - celebrates Israelites being able to have their own world


Archaeological evidence

Pool of Bethesda


John 7 and 8 and 9

Feast of Tabernacles


Who is the gospel author to give us the Great Commissio

Matthew 28:19-20