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what programs came out of the second hundred days

wagner act, social security act, and works progress administration


reaffirms rights of employees to unionize and sets up National Labor relations board which is a government agency passed with making sure companies cooperate with unions; mediator b/t unions and business that still exist today

wagner act


pension for old or elderly people to solve the problem of old age poverty

social security act


gov employment program; employed historians, artist, writers, photographers to collect knowledge and info about the country and to give jobs out. decorated cities with murals; employed anthropologists-cultural enrichment and history

Works progress administration


components of NIRA

NRA, PWA, government to regulate workers things



national recovery administration; which had the power to regulate production in multiple important industries



public works administration to build major infrastructure projects, creating work for the unemployed


what did gov do in NIRA

gave government power to regulate workers' hours and wages, guaranteed the right to unionize, and abolished child labor.


components of 14 points

freedom of seas and freedom of trade
league of nations to solve international disputes
new states in eastern europe that were independent and self-determine their own political future.