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The hypoglossal nerve carries exclusively what fibers



hypoglossal nerve is the only nerve to supply what

Intrinsic and extrinsic muscles of the tongue with exception of palatoglossus


Where are the cell bodies located for the hypoglossal nerve

Within the nucleus of the hypoglossal nerve


The nucleus of the hypoglossal nerve is located where

The floor of the rhomboid fossa


Where does the hypoglossal nerve emerge as a series of rootlets

Pyramid and olive of the MO combining to form two bundles


Where does the bundle of the hypoglossal nerve rootlets exit the skull from

Hypoglossal canal as separate entities that then combine upon exiting the canal


What does the hypoglossal nerve form after descending

Forms a loop called the arch of the hypoglossal nerve


What does the arch of the hypoglossal nerve reach

Base of the tongue


After descending and forming the arch of the hypoglossal nerve fibers do what

Distribute into terminal branches supplying the muscles of the tongue


What fibers travel with but do not combine with hypoglossal nerve and what will they form

C1 and C2 and separate to form the superior root of the ansa cervicalis


Lingual branches off the hypoglossal nerve supply what

Hypoglossus, genioglossus, and styloglossus muscles


Some cervical fibers will continue with hypoglossal nerve to ultimately supply what muscles

Geniohyoid and thyrohyoid muscles


What is hemiatrophy (unilateral)

- when you stick your tongue out, deviates towards the involved side
- affected side = no extended muscles
- swallowing = larynx may deviate towards normal side, look at the adams apple