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Describe the main points of realism?

Realism has todo with security dilemma which is that builds military or to protect its nation. Also anarchic world which has to do with having a government how is not so strong.also with peace and arms control and finally having a great leader.


Differences between ancient Greece war and contemporary south American diplomacy checkerboards (Classical handout)

Ancient Greece war shatter belts sea and land power balances South America has peaceful checkerboards some differences are buffer states between frontiers and distances.


Describe the Ukrainian shelterbelt (geopolitics handout mackinder’s world)

ShatterBelts tent to be dangerous and war prone it creates conditions for vertical and horizontal escalation of conflict.


What was the relationship between general Haushofer and Adolf Hitler (herwig reading 11)

Haushofer ideas influence the development of Adolf Hitler expansionist strategies although Haushofer denied direct influence on the Nazi regime.


Outline the imperial thesis (IR handout)

Has to do with the expansion of territory and example could be Russia territorial expansion and such expansion can be seen historically for other. Empires like the United States Mexico Brazil and China.


Security dilemma-

refers to a situation in which actions by a state intended to heighten its security, such as increasing its military strength or making alliances, can lead other states to respond with similar measures, producing increased tensions that create conflict, even when no side really desires it



is the concept that the world system is leaderless


Democratic peace thesis-

is a theory which posits that democracies are hesitant to engage in armed confict.


Imperial thesis-

for example of Russian territorial expansion


Dependency thesis-

all moral principles derive their validity from individual acceptance there for there are no universally valid moral principle that apply to all persons or individuals everywhere and at all all times.


Two patterns or variables that define balance of power-

Are Unipolar and pretty stable two variables would be how many countries and the relationship with in does countries.


Define classical geopolitics-

Has to do with theories and applying them to geopolitics that has to do international relations as influence by geographical factors.


What is a geopolitical model-

contains all of the classical geopolitics theories that fit to geopolitics.


What is a theory-

Simple sentence of probability


Resources curse-

Depending on one resource is not a good idea is a curse.


Rentier effect-

lower taxes and high government spending.


Dependent and independent variables-

dependent, and controlled. The independent variable is the one that is changed by the scientist.


Normal curve-

The middle point from 2 deviation to 95 or 3 deviation to 99 or 1 deviation to 68.



Is a true correction strong enough for Ho to be rejected.


Hypothesis testing-

How far you go out from the mid point if high rejection point it's null.


Standard deviation-

a quantity calculated to indicate the extent of deviation for a group as a whole.


Rejection area-

From the sample data, the researcher computes a test statistic. If the statistic falls within a specified range of values, the researcher rejects the null hypothesis


Bivariate vs multivariate or regression –



Long peace-

1. bi polar structure relating to or having two poles or charges.
2. independence and not interdependence of the two Cold War super powers countries with self sufficient in resource don't go into war. North America and Russia has never fought.
3.domestic influences neither capitalism nor socialism emits aggressive ideologies or inevitable war these.
4.behavioral elements of stability avoid direct military confrontation.
5.political stability economic prosperity and luck.no political upheavals and few moments of political uncertainty.



economic independence or self-sufficiency


Ocean cycles thesis-

certain centrally located rivers seas and oceans have facilitated civilizations rise for instance in the ancient middle east the nile and Euphrates tigris rivers ways and elsewhere in the Aegean and Mediterranean seas the north atlantic and more recently the pacific ocean rim


Camino del sol-

several concepts that follow refer to the isolation and weaker of countries located in the global south the camino del sol alleges that countries located in the norther cities of Washington dc London Paris Moscow Beijing and Tokyo exert less global impact.



a diffusion phenomenon of spreading of riots rebellions democracy military dictatorship and other similar instance across international frontiers.



advocating annexation or combining of territories as a plan for uniting long separated people of common ethnicity or of past nation identity into forming new states or into joining adjacent existing states.