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Describe the main problems of capitalism ?

Monopolies example Microsoft and Coca Cola monopolies help over priced just because of a brand because of this people pay more than what they need to.
Inequality of wealth being distributed
Overproduction, unemployment, more losers than winners


Describe the supreme court case Mabury V Madison?

Was a court case in which the Supreme Court formed the basis to exercise of the judicial review under the article 3 in the constitution.
1788 law a citizen could take a writ of mandamus directly to the Supreme Court which was not in the constitution.


outline the four Heartland of mackinders?

It states that power based in the Eurasia could gain strength to eventually dominate the word
Who rule Eastern Europe will dominate the heartland.
Who rules the heartland will dominate the world island
Who rules the world island will dominate the world


Relativist view

ok to change more liberal idea



Is a system of gov in which states share power with the national government.


Separation of powers/checks and balances

A system in which the different parts of the government have powers that affect and control the other parts so that no part can become too powerful.


Judicial review

Is the ability of a court to decide if a statute treaty off administrative regulation contradicts or violates of existing law.

Is the ability for a court to decide if a law is constitutional or not.


Incorporation of the bill of rights

Is the process by which American courts have applied portion of the U.S.A bill of rights to the states.


Enumerated and reserved powers

Enumerated powers are national powers they provided army and navy conduct foreign affairs
Reserved powers is the same thing but with in the state they also provide schools and conduct elections.


Habeas corpus

Citizen cannot be put In jail without a formal charge or wrong doing with in 48 hours


Ex post-facto

A state or the government cannot file you of a crime if on Tuesday they added a law and you committed your crime on Monday they can not charge you again with the new law because you did your crime before it's the same thing with contracts


Inherent powers

Emergency powers held by the president but are not contained in the constitution.


Commerce clause

Lots of laws are passed by this congress can regulate interstate commerce example highway safety


Establishment clause

This prohibits the establishment of religion by congress


Free enterprises capitalism

Economy can regulate itself in freely competitive markets through relationship of supply and demand with minimal government involvement



A person who takes risks with money because he is owner of his own business adviser


Eminent domain

The right for the government to take your property for public use with a fair payment.


Double jeopardy

You can not be charge for the same crime twice.



Supreme power or authority. The constitution is the clear weather it is with the states or with the people.



All person born or naturalized in the USA are citizens


theory of Scarcity

There are 4 points
Intense competition if there is no scarcity there is no politics
2) scarce must be distributed this is done by the government
3) ruler/gov must use foerce if need if the people are not to happy with the distribution of scarcities.
4) certain types of distractions are use in order for people to forget about the scarce like religion sports traditions.


Unipolar moment

The present global structure with US as the ruler will soon pass.
Rise and fall of an empire.


Columbian Epoch

Colobus 1500-1900


Vanguard thesis of Lenin

That the dialectic stages may need to pushed into socialism and beyond


Wounded tiger thesis

Socialist needs to protect itself from these desperate capitalist attacks


Imperial thesis of Colin gray

Expand outwardly from their central homelands increasing space that leads and security and resources.
Different diversities.


Kirk's zone of initiation

Located in sub tropical areas of our global. Which equal more wealth