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After moving a dynamic disk to the local computer from another computer its status in Windows Disk Management utility is set to:



In computer networks, a computer system or an application that acts as an intermediary between another computer and the Internet is commonly referred to as a:



Since the release of Service Pack 2 for Windows XP, Microsoft operating systems (including Windows Vista and Windows 7) offer a Control Panel item providing users with the ability to review the status of security and (starting from Windows 7) system maintenance settings. The applet interface lists important messages about settings that require user attention and informs the user about recommended actions via a pop-up notification balloon in the taskbar area. In Windows 7, this Control Panel item is called:

Action Center


ATTRIB is a command used to set and remove file attributes. Available options include read-only (R), archive (A), system (S), and hidden (H). With ATTRIB, the + symbol sets an attribute for a file, - sign removes the attribute. Which of the following answers contains the correct syntax for setting the read-only attribute to a file?

ATTRIB +R [drive:] [path] [filename]


Which of the following statements describing features of Windows HomeGroup are true? (Select all that apply)

Communication between HomeGroup computers is encrypted with a pre-shared password

Computers running Microsoft operating system earlier than Windows 7 cannot participate in HomeGroup


What is the function of archive bit in Windows?

Indicating whether a file has been modified since the last backup


Converting a dynamic disk back to a basic disk in Windows: (Select all that apply)

Destroys all data on the disk

Can be performed by members of the Backup Operators group

Can be performed by members of the Administrator group


Which of the following Windows Control Panel items contains an option to create a password reset disk?

User Accounts