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What is Natural Law?

A humans desire and instinct to do good and avoid evil


What is Devine Law?

Any law that comes directly from the "will of God."


What is Evangelical Law?

The law of the land. We are baptized and become a new person in God's love


What is Law?

An ordinance of reason for the common good


Who is our Neighbor?

Anyone who needs my help whom I know I can help


Name and explain the conditions of a "Just Law"

1. Must promote the common good
2. The burdens that the law imposes on society must promote equality of proportions
3. The use of authority is shared in god's authority


Name and briefly explain the 3 types of Positive Law

1. Devine Positive Law - Legislated by God
2. Ecclesiastical Positive Law - Comes for the legislative powers of the Church
3. Civil Positive Law - Legislated by the legislative gov't, like traffic or tax laws


What does it mean to be interdependent?

it is when people or things are dependent on each other, we are interconnected


How can we be better connect with one another?

1. Listening
2. Living in and with community
3. Practicing compassion