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Given Hitlers patriotism he was delve stated when he heard the news of WW1s lose and Esther then blame external factors he adopted the ' stab-in-the-back ' myth which blames poor military strategy and lose because of internal ( Jewish ) factors



Britain and France did not use force to stop Hitler so they adopted appeasement to avert a full scale war by negotiating with him. Hitler stopped paying war reparations and was given Czechoslovakia in the Munich agreement


Failure of Britain and France to support collective security

Poland had alliances with France and UK and hitler didn't believe that they would honour that alliance because they compromised with him in so many other areas


The Great Depression

Mass unemployment and poverty caused great anger and right wing politicians being accepted into power. America called in their loans to Germany which caused collapse of German industry which led directly to Hitlers rise to power


Nazi-soviet aggression pact

Gave Hitler chance to invade Poland and Neville chamberlain said he would declare war on Germany if he ever invaded Poland. Hitler was previously able to invade land without getting involved so he thought chamberlain wouldn't keep to his word