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What information do you need when setting up a new Campaign Manager account?

Business Structure - The way the business is divided into business groups or geographic regions informs you how you'll structure the account in campaign manager
Campaign Goals - You'll need to know what they're hoping to accomplish with online advertising in order to set relevant campaign goals
Ad Info - You'll need their creatives (HTML5 or image files) for their ads and the URL of their website to create their first campaign


How can you link two sub accounts to a parent account in campaign manager?

You can create the parent account and then the two child accounts and then navigate to floodlight configuration > Share Advertiser and then link the two accounts to the parent


How do you choose which sites your placement will appear?

When setting up a new placement you will be given a list of sites as well as the opportunity to search for particular sites. If you can't see the site you wish to add your placement to you can learn how to add the site here: https://support.google.com/dcm/answer/2829205?hl=en


What are the three different types of creative?

- Display Ads (Images and animated GIFs
- Rich Media (Interactive Ads)
- In - Stream Video


Once the campaign has been set up, what do we need to send to the website where our placements will appear?

We will need to send the placement tags to the website in order that campaign manager knows where to serve the creatives on the publisher's site


In what order should you create a campaign manager account?

- Create Advertiser
- Create Campaign
- Create Placement
- Upload Creatives
- Create Ads
- Download Placement Tags


What are Floodlight Tags?

Floodlight Tags allow you to track events after a user views or clicks on your ads. These insights show you which campaigns are most effective at driving the actions you want - like making a purchase or just visiting you site


What do Custom Floodlight Variables Allow You To Do?

They enable you to capture information beyond the basics (visits and revenue) that you can collect with standard parameters in your tags. Examples include:

Promo Codes
Customer Regions
Product Types

They also help you to create remarketing lists


What can a global site tag help you to do?

- Allows for easier and faster integration with other Google products
- Allows for more accurate conversion tracking. If you are using iframe or image tags instead of the global site tag Google Marketing Platform is not able to observe all of your conversions


How can you make sure that your conversions are tracked effectively?

Google recommend you use the global site tag (gtag.js) as the format for your Floodlight activity tags


How can you use Campaign Manager to measure the efficacy of your activity on different store categories?

You can set up Floodlight Activities that will collect data based on Product Type for example. This will then allow you to see which categories are performing best and how much your activity is contributing


How can you tell if you are already serving your ads on mobile?

You can pull a report in Campaign Manager to check this


What typifies Smart Phone user behaviour?

- Smartphone users tend to be action-orientated, on-the-go and pressed for time. Consider using click-to-call landing pages, creatives with action-driven messaging (such as 'download now') and shorter video ads.
- Smartphone users typically use mobile network connections, resulting in less bandwidth. As a result, not all users will have the patience to wait for large creatives to load
- Smartphone screens are smaller than desktop or tablet and must have images and text that are legible at these smaller dimensions


What typifies Tablet User Behaviour?

- Tablet use peaks in the evening as users settle in for a longer content experience. These users are seeking entertainment and may be more amenable to longer or more interactive creative
- Tablet network connection tend to offer more bandwidth for loading larger creatives as they tend to be connected to broadband or WIFI
- Tablets tend to have larger screen sizes and can therefore handle more detailed creatives and larger dimensions


How can you check to see that your VAST tags are working properly?

You can use the Video Suite Inspector to test your VAST Ad Response


Can targeted ads be served everywhere?

No, demographic targeting for example is cookie based, this might prevent certain ads from serving in certain environments. These environments can include mobile phones, streaming devices, gaming systems and smart TVs.

To make sure that your campaign always has an eligible ad, you can activate a default ad for placement in these environments.