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How can God be revealed through meeting inspirational people?

- The way God has worked in and through the lives of people may make Christians feel a sense of God's presence


How can God be revealed through scripture?

- Fundamentalists believe the Bible is literally the Word of God
- They believe God is infallible, and the Bible holds more authority than science
- More liberal Christians see the stories in the Bible as symbolic
- Either way, Christians can use the Bible to think about their own lives and try to understand God better


How can God be revealed through Jesus Christ?

Through Jesus, Christians see God as human, in a way they can understand.


How can God be revealed through figures from Christian history?

There are figures in history who have done great things, inspired by God. An example of this would be Elizabeth Fry (involved in prison reform through God's command to show love).


How can God be revealed through miracles?

He still cares about the world:
- In the Bible, Jesus performed healing miracles
- There are many modern miracles, especially at pilgrimage sites such as Lourdes


What is a conversion experience?

An experience in which someone dissatisfied with their life has a time of crisis (this is often thought of as being in the presence of God) and changes their direction in life.
- The most famous conversion is that of Saul of Tarsus: a persecutor of Christians who, on the way to Damascus to persecute Christians, was blinded by a bright light and fell off his donkey. He heard a voice that asked him why he was persecuting him - this was Jesus. Saul got baptised and changed his name to Paul. He started to preach to the gentiles.


What is a mystical experience?

A transcendent experience in which the believer feels a sense of peace and oneness with God. Often happen during meditation.


What are charismatic and ecstatic experiences?

- Religious ecstasy is when someone becomes less aware of the world around them and experiences intense emotional and spiritual feelings about God.
- They may enter a trance-like state and see visions.
- Charismatic Churches use the term 'slain in the Spirit' to describe their experience of religious ecstasy.
- A minister lays hands on people and they fall backwards and feel that they are overcome with the Holy Spirit.
- Through their experience of God, Pentecostals (charismatic worshippers) believe they possess the gift of the Holy Spirit, e.g. glossolalia (speaking in tongues).


What are visions?

- A person sees something supernatural - it is only visible to them.
- Often, they are given a message.


How is worship and the sacraments a religious experience?

- Through worship, they are communicating with God
- In Eucharist, Catholics believe they are receiving the body and blood of Christ
- Catholics believe that through confession to a priest, they are being forgiven by God, as the priest is an intermediary


Describe a miracle.

- John Traynor had been seriously wounded in WWI. His right arm was paralysed, his legs were paralysed, and he was epileptic. He was confined to a wheelchair.
- He went on a pilgrimage to Lourdes. On the journey there, he was very sick, and there were no hospitals on the way - one woman even wrote to his wife to tell her there was no hope for him.
- He insisted on bathing in the grotto water and attended ceremonies for the sick.
- He felt his legs become agitated and tried to stand up, but his carers wouldn't let him.
- Then, during the Blessing of the Sick, he blessed himself with his right arm as the Archbishop of Rheims walked past him.
- At night, he could hear the chiming of the bells and at the last stroke he jumped out of bed and ran out of the ward to the Grotto.
- He did not remember how bad his condition had been. He only remembered when he was on the train home when the Archbishop of Liverpool spoke to him.