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Theme: Conflict/power of conflict

‘We turn back to our dying’


-Power of conflict has made them believe all that they’re good for is SLOW DEATH and no one cares about them.

-Conflict is so powerful it leads the soldiers to believe all that they have to look to is DEATH.


Theme: conflict/power of conflict

‘Is it that we are dying?’

Language device- rhetorical question

-It implies that the conflict is so bad that it has led them to have a REAL ACCEPTANCE OF DEATH and no fear of death.

-All the conflict has BRAINWASHED them to believe death is all there is, they have no hope, they feel like they’re dying anyway.

-Conflict is so powerful that it is CONFUSING the soldiers.


Theme: Conflict/power of conflict

‘But nothing happens’

Structure- 8 equal stanzas.

-It ends with a half line at the end of each stanza e.g ‘but nothing

-This tells us Conflict/ power of conflict is leaving them waiting and losing hope.

-REPETITION symbolises the emphasis of how the PAIN DOESN’T END, the conflict has the control.


Theme: Power of nature

‘Merciless iced east winds that knife us’


-Explores the power of nature by describing the weather and comparing it to Mans weapons ‘knife us’ to show how powerful it is.

-PERSONIFICATION of the weather, described as ‘merciless’.


Theme: Power of Nature

‘Shivering ranks of grey’

Language device- the rain is personified to get across that nature is more powerful than Man.

-‘Attacks once more in ranks on shivering ranks of grey’
This implies the soldiers are HELPLESS.
WEAKER than nature.
Being ATTACKED by the weather/nature.


Theme: Power of nature

‘Flowing flakes that flock’

Structure- Alliteration used throughout the poem, to describe and emphasise the power of the weather.

- Snow is described with alliteration to emphasise the cold powerful weather and how it is
BLANKETING the soldiers beneath the snow.

-The soldiers are stuck beneath it/ they are trapped/ have no way out.


Theme: Effect of war on people

‘Our brains ache’

Context - Explores the effect of war on people by describing how the effect of war leaves the soldiers feeling PHYSICALLY and EMOTIONALLY DRAINED.

-These feelings= the reality of war.


Theme: Effect of war on people

‘Is it that we are dying?’

Language device - Rhetorical question

-Shows the CONFUSION of the soldiers.

-Conditions are so bad they feel drained and all they can think about is dying.

-They no longer know what’s normal.

-Puts emphasis on the effect war has on people.


Theme: Effect of war on people

‘But nothing happens’

Structure- there is a half line at the end of every stanza.

-Implies sameness throughout the poem,
Nothing is happening = the effect on the soldiers.