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In a Trachoma, what forms the trachomatous pannus?

The cornea is infiltrated by new blood vessels and fibroblasts after infection with Chlamydia Trachomatis and subsequent conjunctiva hypertrophic/scarring


How does exophthalmos develop from thyroid disease?

Extraocular muscles become enlarged due to swelling from mucinous edema, the accumulation of fibroblasts and infiltration by lymphocytes


In primary closed angle glaucoma, how is the patient's iris?

displaced anteriorly


What characterized Retinitis Pigmentosa?

1. Night blindness 2. Constriction of peripheral VF 3. loss of retinal photoreceptors 4. Pigment accumulation within retina (Migrationo f reitnal lpigment epithelial cells into the sensory retina)


Where does Melanin appear in Retinitis Pigmentosa?>

Within slender processes of spidery cells and accumulates mainly around small branching retinal blood vessels, like spicules of bone.


In Sjoren disease how is the lacrimal gland affected?

it's infiltrated with lymphocytes



Yellow plaques of lipid-containing macrophages that usually are located on the eyelids


What are 2 pathological abnormalities in Retinopathy of Prematurity?

Immature blood vessels constrict in response to O2 toxicity causing ischemia and their obliteration. Also, the peripheral retina, which is normally avascular until the end of fetal life, does not vascularize.


How can a cataract lead to glaucoma?

The damaged degernerated lens incresases in voume by absorbing water. This swollen lenns may construct the pupi land cause glaucoma ( Phacomorphic glaucoma)


What processes can lead to thrombosis of the retinal artery?

Atherosclerosis, Giant Cell Arteritis, Embolization to the CRA


In Diabetic Neuropathy, where do new vessels first appear?

Retina surface and optic nerve head- then- into the vitreous cavity


Where and how do snowflake cataracts develop?

White needle-shaped opacities in the lens are formed beneath the anterior and posterior lens capsule from an osmotic effect caused by the accumulation of sorbiotl, the alcohol derived from glucose. Increased sorbitol in lens causes imbibition of water and enlargement of the lens.


What fundoscopy findings will accompany Lipemia retinalis?

waxy streaks


What factors predispose to retinal detachment?

Retinal defects (including retinal degeneration), Vitreous Traction, Diminished Pressure on the Retina


What are typical presenting symptoms of a Rb pt?

Leukocoria, Strabismus, Poor Vision, Spontaneous Hyphema, Red/Painful Eye


What's the most common site of origin of ocular melanomas?