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- A person is considered abnormal if they are unable to cope with the demands of everyday life.
- They may be unable to perform the behaviours necessary for day-to-day living such as having a job or interacting well with others as they are experiencing psychological distress or discomfort.



- If someone cannot fulfil their obligations then this could be an indication hat they are not functioning adequately.
Psychologists use the Global Assessment Functioning Scale (GAF) to assess rates of social, occupational and psychological functioning.
- Failure to function model, proposed by Rosenhan and Seligman, has 7 criteria to define mental abnormality. This model allows psychologists to think in terms of the degree to which someone is abnormal/normal.
- SUMOVIV: Suffering, Unpredictability, Maladaptiveness, Observer discomfort, Vividness and unconventionality, Irrationality and Violation of moral standards.


Weakness: Abnormality does not always cause dysfunction

- Abnormality is not always accompanied by dysfunction.
- Some have a psychological abnormality, but they still appear to lead a normal life and do not possess any of the 7 criteria. E.g psychopath and serial killers such as Harold Shipman who murdered over 200 patients over 20 years.
- Some may appear to not be functioning adequately but might be quite normal and just having a bad day. E.g if a loved one dies, suffering is normal.
- So this definition may be inaccurate for abnormality.


Weakness: Subjective

- The 7 criteria are very difficult to measure and analyse.
- The model is very subjective and lack being scientific and objective which means that psychologists need to be cautious when using this model to define abnormality.


Strength: Uses GAF scale

- The model uses the Global Assessment of Functioning scale which means psychologists can accurately assess the degree of abnormality and how well the patient is coping with their daily life.
- If the patient appears to be not coping well in their life then it could be concluded that the patient is not functioning adequately and therefore is abnormal.