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#2 Inspector Joe Carruthers
  • killed June 13th, 1933
  • confronted by burglary suspect in alley
  • inspector raised flashlight, suspect opened fire.
  • bullet to chest.
  • shooter not found
  • 3 months later .32 caliber revolver found in north Saskatchewan river, believed to be murder weapon
  • he was the 3rd highest ranking officer on the force
  • 24 years later, suspect was found in mental institution, guilt never proven
#3 Constable Wilf Cox

May 23rd, 1941

  • Cst was on his way to direct traffic for a funeral when his motorcycle tire got caught in a street railway track
  • he was thrown to the ground and died while being transported to hospital
  • 32 years old, on force for less than 8 years
  • Police Armourer
  • Had been an expert shot and taught many young members
  • remembered at being “exceptionally good at catching criminals”
#4 Constable Ken Delmage

November 4th, 1957

  • on his way to investigate a collision
  • his motorcycle crashed into another vehicle at a downtown intersection
  • died in hospital 2 days later
  • after his death, safety helmets were required to be worn
  • 27 years old, on force for only 2 years
  • survived by wife and two young children
#1 Constable Arthur Duncan

4:40 AM, July 2nd 1917

  • First to die in line of duty
  • shot in jaw and chest
  • Duncan surprised culprits who were recovering stolen property in a building
  • didn’t have a chance to pull his weapon
  • killer was never found
  • on force for 6 years/12 years prior as PO in Scotland
  • survived by wife and young son
#5 Detective Boyd Davidson
  • December 20th, 1974
  • storekeeper reported customer being abusive when refused to sell airplane glue
  • officers went to suspects house and were met with gunfire
  • suspect hid in garage with automatic rifle and plenty of ammunition
  • shot in neck
  • 6 other officers were wounded
  • suspect died at scene, had mental health and drug abuse issues.
  • 23 years on force, was instrumental to the combined police and fire squad
  • survived by wife and 5 children
#6 Staff Sergeant Keith Harrison

March 12th, 1976

  • hold-up alarm near a credit union
  • unable to request back up due to radio malfunction
  • attempted to follow culprits vehicle, shoutout ensued
  • shot in abdomen, died an hour later on operating table
  • offenders took hostages to a NE home, after 2 days they traded the hostages for cigarettes and drugs
  • 1 suspect died of overdose, 2 others convicted of murder and other charges, 1 not charged
  • 16 years on force, taught law to recruits
  • survived by wife and two teenage children
#7 Constable Bill Shelever 

May 27, 1977

  • out of recruit classes for 6 weeks
  • Shot in head, died two days later
  • Armed robber in MPV for questioning pulled a gun and demanded the PO guns
  • Offender convicted of attempted murder and murder
  • Survived by wife and daughter
  • As a result, police ammunition was upgraded to improve stopping power
#8 Constable Rob Vanderwiel

September 22, 1992

  • Traffic stop, returning to MPV to verify ID, shot in back of neck
  • Offender charged with 1st degree murder
  • Son of retired CPS staff sergeant Art Vanderwiel
  • Remembered as the friend who always went the extra mile
  • Rob Vanderwiel Memorial award present at grad ceremony for recruit who demonstrated the most cooperation and teamwork
#9 Constable Rick Sonnenberg

October 8th, 1993
- alerted about stolen vehicle
- attempted to lay down spike belt when hit by the speeding car and died instantly
- youth out on bail convicted on criminal negligence causing death, hit and run and possession of stolen vehicle
- 27 years old, 4 years on force
- About to announce engagement. Survived by mother, sister, and niece.
- his sister led a campaign to raise funds for a police helicopter.
- CPS acquired HAWC1 in July, 1995
And HAWC2 in April, 2005
- both have been proven to be effective in providing aerial support to ground based units

#10 Constable John Petropoulos

5: 40 am, September 29th, 2000
- Investigating a break in at a business, suspect inside
- He entered with another officer and K9
- he climbed ladder on to a mezzanine area, lost footing, and fell through ceiling tiles onto concrete 3 m below
- Died at hospital from severe head injuries
- After further investigation, a break in had not occurred
- 32 years old, 4 years on force
- survived by wife, parents, and two children

#11 Constable Darren Beatty

October 17th, 2001

  • critically injured during a training exercise at former district seven (silver springs) training facility
  • died in hospital
  • 29 years old, graduated class #118. Worked in district 1, mountain bike unit and Tactical Unit.
  • survived by wife.