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Define a domestic relationship

Persons living together (ie. Flatmate)


A family member

Someone who shares a close personal relationship


Who can apply for a protection order?

A person who was or is in a domestic relationship

A representative of a child or disabled person

A 3rd party on behalf of victim


What does application without notice mean?

The application can be made without the respondent knowing / present


What are the standard conditions on a po?

No violence
No contact
No weapons


What are the 4 property orders?

Occupation order (the right to exclusively occupy a dwelling house)

Tenancy order

Ancillary furniture order (the right to exclusively occupy any furniture/household appliances)

Furniture order (if they haven't applied for tenancy or occupation)


When can you arrest with a po?

If you have good cause to suspect a person has breached a protection order SECTION 50

SECTION 50(a) contravened the protection order or

SECTION 50(b) failed to comply with any condition of the protection order


What are the four options available when dealing with a domestic incident?

No further action
Issue warning
Issue PSO


Who does a PSO protect and who is it against?

Person at risk plus their children against a bound person


What is purpose of a PSO and who can serve it?

To protect victim

A constable can issue it


What must you explain to both parties when issuing a PSO?

Purpose of order
Effect of order
Duration of order
Consequences of contravening order


Conditions of PSO?

Must not abuse victim or property
Must not threaten to abuse victim or property
Must not encourage any other person to abuse victim or harass
Must not watch, loiter or follow person at risk


Are there any powers of arrest?

You can't arrest for breaching PSO. You can take them into custody and bring before the court within 4 hours.


If you are intending to issue a PSO, what can you do to the person for no more than 2 hours?

You can detain them under section 124.


If a person fails to remain when you detain them, what can you do?

Arrest them for failing to remain


What happens if a PSO is not served to the respondent within 48 hours?

The order lapses


When dealing with a PSO, what alerts need to be put in NIA?

Wanted for service of a PSO

PSO served

PSO breached and person bound wanted/not present

PSO breached and person bound taken into custody

PSO issued on direction of court


Do police need consent of a person at risk to issue a PSO?



When a person breaches a PSO and is brought before the court, what are the three options that the court has for dealing with the breach?

Release the bound person with no further action

Direct the police to issue another PSO to be served on the bound person asap.

Issue a temporary protection order


For a PO, how long does the respondent have to hand over all weapons?

Do it as soon as practicable or within 24hours


What is the power of arrest for contravening po?

Section 50