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Shakespeare explores the unconscious attitudes behind cultural definitions of

manliness and womanliness and behind the mores and institutions shaped by them - Coppelia Kahn


What does Linda Bamber's belief that 'misogyny and Sex nausea are born of failure and self doubt' imply?

Lear's attacks are a product of typical male resentment at female strength in times of tragedy


Kathleen Mcluskie said "the human nature implied in the moral and aesthetic satisfactions of tragedy...

Is most of term explicitly male"


What is given an explicit emphasis when "The narrative and its dramatisation present a connection between sexual insubordination and anarchy"



What does McLuskie see as a portrayal of a "destructive reversal of rightful order"?

Goneril and Regan's movement within fixed and determined family relations in Act I scene iv


The "generalised vision of chaos is present in gendered terms in which patriarchy...is seen as the only form of social organisation strong enough to hold chaos at bay" is shown in which characters?

Lear and Albany


Cordelia's "saving love" works in the action as what?

"An example of patriarchy restored" rather than a "redemption for womankind" after the evil of G+R


"No vicious blot...no unchaste action...which hath deprived me" shows Cordelia's "right to be included in the ordered world of heterosexual relations" depends on what?

The paralleled human violations of murder and unchastity


The plot line intensifies and then denies which expectations so as once more "to insist on the connection between evil women and a chaotic life world"

Those in which "the harmony is broken by the honest daughter and restored by her display of forgiveness"