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What are five common file systems? What do they support up to?

File Allocation Table, 32-bit (FAT32) - 2TB
New Technology File System (NTFS) - 16 exabytes in theory
exFAT (FAT64)
Compact Disc File System (CDFS)
Network File System (NFS)


What is a bad sector?

A sector that is susceptible to data loss. Quick format does not notice these.


When should you use quick format?

Only when formatting a new disk.


What is SSO authentication?

Single Sign-On allows users to log in once to access all system resources versus requiring them to log in each time they need to access an individual one.


What is required to access UAC?

To access User Account Control, one must access it through an administrator account.


What is disk cloning? Why use it?

This is the process of copying a drive wholesale.
It is common to image one PC and then disk clone the rest so as to not have to go through the lengthy process on installing an OS on each machine.


What can alter an images settings if there were problems with the options selected?

Microsoft's System Prepeartion (Sysprep) Tool.
An administrator can use this tool in order to edit the final image before installation.


What can Sysprep be used for?

To install and configrue the same OS on multiple computers.
Sysprep can be used to install and configure the same OS on multiple computers. Sysprep prepares the OS with different hardware configurations. With Sysprep, technicians can quickly install the OS, complete the last configuration steps, and then install applications.


How can Sysprep be accessed?

To run Sysprep in Windows 10, open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Windows\System32\sysprep. You can also just type “sysprep” in the Run command and click “OK.”


What is RNI?

This is remote network installation.
With this method, the operating system installation files are stored on a server so that a client computer can access the files remotely to begin the installation.


How does RNI work?

A software package such as Remote Installation Services (RIS) is used to communicate with the client, store the setup files, and provide the necessary instructions for the client to access the setup files, download them, and begin the operating system installation.


What environement must be used to get OS-less computers to image using RNI?

Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE)
For the PXE to work, the NIC must be PXE-enabled. This functionality may come from the BIOS or the firmware on the NIC. When the computer is started, the NIC listens for special instructions on the network to start PXE.


What is unattended network installation?

This is installation done with little to no user intervention.
It works via letting the system read an answer file with simple text instructions, informing Windows Setup on how the install and configure the OS.


How do you customize the answer file?

To customize a standard Windows 10 installation, the System Image Manager (SIM), shown in the figure, is used to create the setup answer file. You can also add packages, such as applications or drivers, to answer files.


How do you use the recovery partition?

To restore the computer using the recovery partition, you often must use a special key or key combination when the computer is starting.
Sometimes, the option to restore from the factory recovery partition is located in the BIOS or a program from the manufacturer that is accessed in Windows. Contact the computer manufacturer to find out how to access the partition and restore the original configuration of the computer.


What is a recovery partition?

A partition that typically cannot be reached that restore the OS to its original configuration.


What is an image?

A file that contains all the data from a partition.


What does it mean to refresh your PC?

To set your OS back to its factory state, without dleting user files or removing modern apps.