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Where must all revelation about God start, why must it start there, and where is that source?

If we were fallen we need revelation from God.
All revelation starts with God's self revelation.
The Bible is the source of revelation.


Around how many OT verses state God is one?

3,000 +


What is the faulty approach or "lens" that trinitarians bring to the NT and what does it do to the later philosophy?

3/4th of the century--> NT-->destroy OT


What is the better approach or "lens" that oneness people bring to the NT and what does it do to the later philosophy?

OT--> NT


How do our approaches to the OT reveal our conscious or unconscious attitude to God's revelation?

Plural majesty
Prophetic foreknowledge of the son
Talking to angels
Counseling with His own will


Explain how Gen. 1:26 is not about a trinity.

Subject of Gen. 1:27


How do you explain the "God" or "Elohim" in Gen 1:1 is not a proof of the trinity?

Singular modifier


When Elohim is used what is it always accompanied by?

Singular masculine pronoun


If Elohim is used on more than one false god what is it always accompanied by?

Plural modifier


When scripture says Moses (Ex. 7:1), Samuel (1 Sam. 28:13-14), and all of the individual judges of Israel (Ps. 82:6) are called "Elohim" what does this prove regarding God?

If Moses isn't a trinity, neither can God be.


How does the inspired NT translation of the inspired OT verses calling God "Elohim" prove that God is one?

When you translate into Greek, theos is one.


What are the two things represented in Dan. 7 and Rev. 5?

Represents humanity and deity- there is no trinity.


How does the Bible show I'm another passage Dan. 7 and Rev. 5 are not separate persons?

It shows the son of man and ancient of days blended together in the person of Christ.


How do you prove Rev. 5 is not about persons in a so called trinity?

Wheres the third person? No trinitarian says Jesus will be called a lion and will be a slain lamb standing with 7 eyes and 7 horns.


Explain why Is. 6:3 repeating "holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty..." Does not prove a trinity.

There's no superlative in Hebrew- so they use repetition.


Did the oneness message disappear after the fourth century and slowly make a come back in the 19th century?



According to Tertullian's writing "Against Praxeus" what was the dominant belief still in the 4th century and what was the minority view?

The majority (common people) believed oneness. Minority believed the trinity.


What two things does "Father/Son" language in the NT show?

What God did as deity and what he could do only as humanity.


How did God make the world by the son?

With Christ in view.


Prove Jesus is not having a conversation with another person in the trinity on the cross by showing what He is quoting.

He's quoting Psalms


What is Jesus saying will happen through His suffering?

Through the suffering I will reign


What are the two major questions you ask almost all "passages of distinction" that prove the distinction is about the human/ divine relationship not with persons in the trinity?

Where's the third person? Is this a coequal trinity?


Prove that Jesus' prayers cannot be about a trinity explaining why the essence of the doctrine of the trinity would be violated.

It would break the notion of coequality.


At His baptism, what three roles is Jesus stepping into?

Prophet, priest, and king


Show why it is important for Jesus as a man to be baptized and anointed and include a statement from Christ Himself as to point of doing this.

"Fulfilling all righteousness" abiding by the law


What two images are represented in Phil. 2:5-11?

Adam, suffering servant


What role did Jesus have to fill and what would have violated it?

Suffering servant


How does Phil. 2:5-11 show the language of exaltation is about the man Jesus and refute the doctrine of coequality?

It means exalted higher than ever before which cannot be about a coequal trinity.


What two witnesses does Jesus say testify of the truthfulness of his ministry and using the Old Testament show why this can't be a trinity?

Jesus, the man the eternal spirit of God working through Him.


What is the best way to reach a trinitarian?

Show that Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit are all the same spirit.


List scripture to explain whether Jesus is in the godhead or is the godhead in Jesus?

Col. 2:9