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What is the difference between...
Income VS Growth Stock
Defensive VS Cyclical Stock

By dividend...
1) Income Stock
- Pays dividend regularly (Guaranteed payment)
2) Growth Stock
- Pay few/no dividend. The reason is that the company reinvests $ into the business so value will go up.

3) Defensive Stock
- Luxury industries for good economic times.
4) Cyclical Stock
- Necessities for not so good economic times.


What are the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the NASDAQ Composite?

1) Dow Jones
An index that shows how certain stocks have traded
- 30 largest companies in various industry
- changes to represent stock market overall

2) S&P 500
An index that shows the price changes of 500 different stocks.
- mainly NYSE

3) NASDAQ Composite
- National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations
- The American market for OTC securities.


What is the 52-week high high/low?

The highest/lowest value of a stock over a 52 week period.


What is dividend?

The portion of corporate profits paid out to holders
- paid 4 times a year


What is yield?

Dividend over the price. Want a higher yield.


What is price-to-earning ratio?

Price to earning. Compares company to competitors. How much an investor is willing to pay for $1 of company earnings. Speaks of demand. Can show over value and under value.


What is earning-per-share?

Earnings per share. Shows how much each share is worth in relation to how much company is making.