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Jan van Eyck, Double Portrait: traditionally identified as Giovanni Arnolfini and Giovanna Cenami


  • Renaissance Art


Robert Campin, Merode Altarpiece (Triptych of the Annuniaction)


  • Renaissance Art
  • Religious scene taken place in every day surronding
  • Small image of Christ child is shown coming through the window
  • Was used as a small altar piece within the home
  • 3 panels with hinges holding them together


Paul, Herman, and Jean Limbourg, Page with February, Tres Riches Heures


  • Renaissance Art
  • Illuminated manuscript
  • Calender page that appears in prayer book
  • Shows the month of february


Martin Schongauer, Temptation of Saint Anthony


  • Renaissance Art
  • Engraving- image inscribed with sharp tool  into a metal plate
  • metal plate coated with ink, and used to make a print
  • allows for multiple copies


Filippo Brunelleschi, Sacrific of Isaac (Right)

Lorenzo Ghiberti, Sacrifice of Isaac (Left)


  • Renaissance Art
  • Panels created are two finalists in a competition to decorate the doors of the Baptistery in Florence, Italy
  • Ghiberti's design wins: male body looks back to classical art design uses less metal


Masaccio, Trinity with the Virgin, Saint John the Evangelist, and donors, 1425-1428


  • Renaissance Art
  • Use of linear perspective to show depth
  • fresco painting with wet plaster


Michelangelo, David, 1501-1504


  • Renaissance Art
  • Larger in size
  • more masculine body and pose
  • made of marble
  • shown in the moments before battle


Donatello, David, 1450s or 60s


  • Renaissance Art
  • more youthful shown as adolescent
  • made of bronze
  • smaller in size


Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, c.1484-84


  • Renaissance Art


Raphael, School of Athens, 1510-1511


  • Renaissance Art
  • Painted for the pope's library in rome
  • shows imaginary gathering of philosophers - Plato, Aristotle at center
  • shows influence of Greek and roman sculpture and architecture


Michelangelo, Pieta, c1500


  • Renaissance Art
  • marble
  • michelangelo signed the strap on Virgin Mary's chest
  • create this piece when he was 25
  • Pieta - scene of Mary supporting and morning over Christ's dead body


Interior Sistine Chapel, Built 1475-1481


  • Renaissance Art
  • ceiling and back wall painted by Michelangelo
  • ceiling shows scenes from the old testament - creation of Adam. Temptation and expulsion of Adam and Eve


Titian, Venus of Urbino, 1538


  • Renaissance Art


Gianlorenzo Bernini, David, 1623


  • Baroque Art
  • Shows a moment of action - David launches the slingshot
  • Use a dramatic twisting pose
  • shows motion and struggle through facial expression
  • marble


Caravaggio, The calling of Saint Matthew, 1599-1600


  • Baroque Art
  • Characteristics of Baroque art:
    • Dramatic use of light
    • emotional expressions
    • theatricality


Diego Velazques, Las Meninas ( The maid of honor) 1656


  • Baroque style
  • Velazquez painter for the spanish court
  • See the artist at work and the princess and her maids
  • Queen and King may appear in the mirror reflection at back
  • Ambiguity/ unclear- what is the artistis painting? King and Queen or princess and her maids


Rembrandt van Rijn, The night Watch, 1642


  • Baroque style
  • Designed for a town hall in Amesterdam
  • Shows the dutch military preparing for a parade
  • Painting was cut down from it's origional sizes, pieces on sides were lost
  • Scene actually takes place during the day, it was thought to be a night scene because the painting had been covered with dust and a dark vanish


Peter Paul Rubens, The raising of the cross 1611-12


  • Baroque style
  • 3 part canvas (triptych)
  • Use of strong diagnals in the competition
  • Crowd reactsemotionally to the crucifiction


Jan Vermeer, Woman Holding a Balance


  • Baroque style
  • One of the only works Vermeer created
  • Small size 16x15
  • Painting of the last judgment in the background gives religious meaning to woman holding the scale
  • Was restored and gold bands on right side of the frame became visible
  • Genre scene - scene from everyday life


Jacques-Louis, Oath of the Horatti, 1784-85


  • Neoclassical
  • Fetures of the neoclassical style:
  1. Balanced composition: groups of figures placed within 3 arches
  2. References to Roman and Greek cultures
  3. Crisp style with no visible brush marks


Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, Large Odalisque 1814


Neoclassical: Interest in lines, no visible brush marks

  • Fantasy vision of a turkish Harem and near east art.
  • Chinese curtain and peacock feather fan


Theodore Gericault, The Raft of the "Medusa", 1818-1819


  • Romantic Style
  • Qualities of romantic style:
  1. Interest in gore, danger, fear and dramatic scene
  2. Emphasis on emotion and action
  • Shows a ship wreck of the medusa, castways on a raft turn to cannibalism to survive.
  • Rescue ship has been spotted on the horizon


Leonardo da Vinci, Last Supper

  • Renaissance Art
  • painted with oil on smooth plaster - experimental technique that has not held up well, painting has been restored many times
  • shows the moment when Christ announces that someone will betray him
  • disciples react individually, arranged in groups of 3


Eugene Delacroix, Liberty leading the people, 1830


  • Romantic Style
    • enphasis on emotion or action, feelings of fear and disgust
  • scene of the revolution/ uprising in France
  • pyramid composition
  • woman figure, muscular, strong and symbol of liberty
  • workers and middle class come together in revolution


Francisco Goya, Third of May, 1808


  • Romantic Style


Thomas Cole, The Oxbow, 1836


  • Romantic Style
  • American painter
  • theme of the thunderstorm - danger and excitement, power of nature
  • Left side of the painting is wild, untamed - the right side is orderly with plowed field and little farms


Great Stupa, India, erected 3rd century enlarged 150-50 bce


  • Asian Art
  • structure contains sacred relics of buddha
  • you do not enter the stupa, but worship by walking around it
  • enter through monumental gateways
  • gate decorated with the yakshi figure - female spirit symbol of fertility


Fan Kuan, Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, early 11th century


  • Asian Art
  • chinese painting ink on silk
  • uses a scroll format
  • pictures the landscape in 3 sections
  • does not use linear perpective to show depth


Head, Nok. 14 3/16"


  • African Art
  • from nigeria
  • made of clay (terracotta)
  • part of a larger figure that was broken a part by flood waters
  • wholes in eyes, nose and mouth - created to allow air to circulate when the head was fired
  • feathers attached to small holes at the top of the head


Hip mask representing an lyoba (queen mother)


  • African Art


Power Figure (kongo culture 19th cenntury)


  • African Art


Ceremonial center of the city of Teotihuacan, Teotihucan culture


  • Art of the Americas


Shaman with Drum and Snake, Diquis culture, 4x3


  • Art of the Americas


Fang Ding, Shang Dynasty, 12th.c bce, China


  • Asian Art