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Plot of Ligeia (8)

1) The narrator explains what little he knows about Ligeia aside from her brains and beauty
2) On her death by she asks him to recite a poem that suggests that the worm may not win this time
3) After Ligeia's death, the narrator inherits her fortune and moves to an English abbey
4) He marries Lady Rowena of Tremain and takes her to a bridal suite that resembles Egyptian tombs
5) He begins to smoke opium to help ease the pain of missing Ligeia
6) Lady Rowena falls ill and hallucinates
7) Trying to help revive Rowena, the narrator feels something invisible brush him and blames it on the opium
8) Rowena gets poisoned, is revived, dies, then comes back to life


Who is Ligeia? (6)

- Beautiful, smart
- Lacks major description
- Duplicates herself and comes back to life
- Is she real or not?
* ghost-like: light-footed and cold
* maybe an opium dream


Who is Lady Rowena? (2)

- Cold compared to Ligeia's sensual romanticism
- Punished by Ligeia for not giving the narrator affection


Who is the unnamed narrator in Ligeia?

- Copes with the loss of Ligeia with opium
- Potentially altered states, not necessarily lucid


Themes of Ligeia (4)

- Haunted houses
* the bridal suite is haunted by Ligeia
* creepy and tomb-like

- Intermediate states
* life and death
* existence as a matter of will
* death as an equalizer
* lucidity vs. non-lucidity

- Altered states
* opium and wine
* hallucination

* both women are described in great detail by their contrasting appearances


Plot of Berenice (6)

1) Egaeus grows up in a creepy mansion with his cousin Berenice who he eventually marries
2) Berenice suffers from a degenerative disease that alters her appearance
3) Egaeus becomes obsessed with her teeth, possibly because that is the only part of her that hasn't changed
4) A servant tells Egaeus that Berenice has died
5) Another servant reports that Berenice's grave has been violated, but she has been buried alive
6) Egaues finds his clothes covered in modd and blood, then opens a box to find "32 small ivory substances"


Who is Egaeus (2)

1) Completely monomaniacally obsessive
2) Enters a trance-like state


Who is Berenice (3)

1) Originally beautiful until her illness
2) Opressed: doesn't say anything
3) Objectified by Egaeus after she becomes ill


Therems of Berenice (3)

- Monomaniacal obsessions

- Doubles
* Egaeus is repulsed by post-illness Berenice, she is not the same

- Intermediate states
* Berenice isn't actually dead, she is alive in her grave
* Egaues isn't lucid when he removes Berenices teeth


Plot of The Raven (6)

1) The narrator is reading after midnight in December, half asleep trying to remember his lost love, Lenore
2) He hears something knowing at the door but finds nothing there
3) He hears something at the window, it's a raven and it flies in settling on a statue
4) The narrator asks it for its name and it says "nevermore"
5) He asks more questins including if he will ever seen Lenore again, and it still replies with "nevermore"
6) The narrator begins to ask more personal questions and desends into insanity


Who is the unnamed narrator in The Raven? (3)

1) A scholar that is mourning the death of his lover
2) Unclear if the events are real of justa result of his irrational mind
3) Something about him must be irrational if he is trying to hold a conversation with a bird


Who is the raven? (2)

1) Doesn't attack or help the narrator
2) Blurred lines between the supernatural and the subconscious


Who is Lenore? (2)

- The narrator's lost love
- No other details besides that he will never see her again


Plot of the Fall of the House of Usher (9)

1) The narrator arrives at the house of Usher and is overwhelmed by a feeling of dread
2) Roderick has been mentally ill and has asked his friend for help
3) Roderick reveals that he and his sister are the end of the Usher bloodline
4) Roderick suffers from "acuteness of the senses" and believes he will die from it, as well as the effects of Madeline's illness and the house
5) Roderick claims that Madeline has died and asks the narrator to help entomb her in one of the vaults under the house
6) Days later Roderick and the narrator are unable to sleep and read to pass the night; but the house is making strange noises
7) Roderick realizes hat they had buried Madeline alive, and she has returned
8) She throws herself at Roderick and they both die
9) The narrator flees in time to see the house split in half and fall into the pool before it


Who is Roderick Usher? (2)

- an intellectual
- unable to distinguish reality from fantasy (mental illness mirroring Madeline's physical illness)


Who is the unnamed narrator in The Fall of the House of Usher? (4)

- Childhood friend of Roderick
- Knows little about the house, the first to enter it in years
- Has bad vibes
- Doesn't know about Madeline


Who is Madeline Usher? (3)

- Twin sister of Roderick, they share a supernatural bond
- Pushed aside, the narrator doesn't even know she exists
- Ill and bedridden


Themes of The Fall of the House of Usher

- Claustorphobic spaces/Haunted house
* Roderick and Madeline haven't left in years, nor has anyone visited
* Creepy stuff happens, overall negative vibe

- Decay
* Incest is used to keep the family tree pure (not seen as sinful) - explains the declining health
* The house is decaying
* Is there a secret that needs to be revealed?

- The Uncanny
* The house itself isn't supernatual, it just comes off that way
* What haunts the house isn't a specific thing, but just the fear of the narrator

- The Supernatural
* Something about the house seems unnatural
* The relationship between Roderick and Madeline mirros the relationship between body and mind, they are dependent on each other for surivial


Plot of Green Tea (6)

1) Dr. Hesselius is asked by Lady Mary to care for Mr. Jennings
2) Mr. Jennings tells the story of the monkey with glowing red eyes that has been following him around for 4 years
3) Sometimes the monkey would disappear and return more aggressive, prompting Jennings to harm himself or others
4) Jennings is worried that the monkey is going to return and do something horrible because it's been gone for a long time
5) Hesselius goes to get the materials to help Jennings but discovers he has committed suicide upon his return
6) Hesselius believes that it was the combination of his mental state and excessive consumption of green tea that caused Jenning's demise


Who is Mr. Jennings (3)

1) Strayed away from his religion to study paganism
2) Sees monkeys that no one else can see (is this supernatural or madness)
3) Drinks a lot of green tea (exotic)


Who is the Monkey (5)

1) Terrorizes Mr. Jennings and is only visible to him
2) Unclear if he is real or not
3) Has glowing red eyes (satanic?)
4) Exotic
5) Representative of original sin


Who is Dr. Hesselius? (1)

A physician with knowledge of the dark arts


Themes of Green Tea (3)

1) Exoticism
- monkeys aren't native to England
- nor is green tea
- fear of contaminating English blood

2) Explanations for the haunting
- Freud: Jennings suffers from schzoid neurosis
- Christian: the monkeys represents orginial sin, it torments Jennings for studying paganism

3) Madness vs. supernatural
- Is Jennings mad or is the monkey supernatural?


Plot of The Man With the Twisted Lip

1) Watson runs into Holmes in an opium den
2) They begin working on the case of Neville St. Clair
- His wife sees him on the second floor of an opium den
- He is pulled back by something/one
- When the police arrive, no one is there except for Hugh Boone
- St. Clair's body isn't found but Boone is arrested
- St. Clair's coat is found in the river suggesting he was drowned
3) Watson and Holmes visit Mrs. St. Clair who has recently received a letter from St. Clair, suggesting that he is still alive
4) Holmes realizes that something in the bag on the 2nd floor may explain the situation
5) Boone refuses to wash at the police station though he is dirty, Holmes splashes water on him and reveals St. Clair
6) St. Clair is revealed to be posing as a beggar as it is more lucrative than his real job


Who is Sherlock Holmes? (4)

1) Social, but prefers to observe rather than participate
2) Social mobility is his best asset, he is comfortable in any company
3) Scientific, positivistic, systematic
4) Smokes opium when he isn't on a case


Who is John Watson? (3)

1) An injured doctor for the war in Afghanistan
2) Tempers Holmes' weird tendencies
3) Audience surrogate: acts as a narrator, gives Holmes and excuse to explain his methods


Who is Neville St. Clair? (Hugh Boone) (3)

1) Respectiable man working in London
2) Has been begging for additional income
3) Has been posing as Hugh Boone, an ugly man, and is ashamed of it


Themes of The Man With the Twisted Lip (4)

1) Exoticism
- Opium dens and racial/class anxiety
- Chienes influence
- Fear of contamination of English blood

2) Altered states
- Holmes' use of opium
- Opium dens as an important setting

3) The Gothic city
- London's dark tones
- Unsafe spaces (opium dens and surrounding areas)

4) Doubles
- St. Clair leads a double life and no one knows expcept for the owner of the opium den


Plot of The Dunwich Horror (11)

1) Strange events surround the birth of Wilbur Whateley, who reaches manhood within a decade
2) Everyone is afraid of him because he is creepy and smells weird
3) He is indoctrinated with dark rituals by Old Whateley, his grandpa
4) There is an unseen presence in the farmhouse; connected to Wilbur's father growing each year
5) Wilbur's grandfather dies, his mother disappears and the farmhouse is taken over by the presence
6) Wilbur goes to a university library that has the bookhe needs to destroy the presence but is denied
7) He tries to break in to steal it but is mauled to death by a guard dog because of his strange smell
8) His corpse is revealed to be non-human and disappears
9) The presence bursts from the house and goes on a rampage through Dunwich
10) Many people die from the presence before people from the university come to save them
11) The people from the university destroy the presence and it is revealed to be Wilbur's twin brother


Who is Lavinia Whateley? (4)

1) a spinster
2) somewhat deformed, unattractive, albino
3) gave birth to Wilbur and his twin with an unknown father, later discovered to be an alien
4) disappeared, presumably sacrificed by her son


Who is Wilbur Whateley? (4)

1) Strange looking, dark and goatish
2) Grew at a non-human rate
3) Green and scaley
4) Described as only partly human


Who is Old Whateley? (4)

1) Father of Lavinia
2) An intellectual
3) has some sort of relationship with aliens


What are the themes of The Dunwich Horror?

1) Racism
- Fear of contamination from alien invasion
- Aided by humans who support them
- Conquest vs collboration

2) Historical contamination
- Dunwich as a slice out of time
- Bypassed by modernity; even their language is dated

3) The Uncanny & Abject
- Wilbur is only partially human
- Oozes green gunk, has scales and tenetacles


Plot of Murders in the Rue Morgue (6)

1) The narrator and Dupin hear about the murders in the rue Morgue
- At 3am at night Mme. L'Espanaye and Mlle. Camille neighbours woke to screams, 2 voices, then silence
- Evidence of the crime: bloody razor, lock of grey hair, bags of money
- Mlle. Camille is found stuffed up the chimney, choked to death
- Mme. L'Espanaye is found in the courtyard with her throat cut
2) The newspaper recounts the stories of the witnesses , none could agree on which languages the voices were speaking
3) The police arrest a bank clerk, who is friends with Dupin and sparks his interest on the case
4) Dupin joins the investigation
- concludes that the windows can be open (the police were wrong)
- it would be difficult for a human to climb in through the window
- bruises on Mme. L'Espanaye are too big to have been made by human hands
- the hair found is not human
5) Dupin concludes that it was an ourang-outang
6) The ownder is found and it is confirmed that the ourang-outang killed them


Who is the unnamed narrator in The Murders in the Rue Morgue? (2)

- Friend and housemate of Dupin
- Narrates Dupin's methods, tries to stay objective but celebrates Dupin's skills


Who is C. Auguste Dupin? (6)

- Parisian detective
- Analytical
- Solitary, marginal
- Poetic, his imagination is based on rational creativity
- Intellectual, eccentric
- Traditional gothic character descending from the aristocracy


Themes of the Murders in the Rue Morgue

1) Cities as dangerous spaces
- Dangers of urbanization
- Why is there a wild animal in an urban space?

2) Crime vs. Restoration
- Horror with a degree of positivism
- Bad things can happen but crimes can be solved and justice served


Plot of Jekyll and Hyde (11)

1) Mr. Utterson hears the story of a man named Mr. Hyde who tramples a young girl and pays off her family with a cheque signed by Dr. Jekyll
2) Utterson visits Jekyll and Lanyon for more information on Hyde but doesn't find out much
3) Utterson visits the building that Hyde frequents, the lab behind Jekyll's house, he meets Hyde and is shocked by his appearance
4) A year later, Hyde is suspected of murder
5) Utterson leads the police to Hyde's apartment; the weird weather makes Utterson feel off
6) Utterson visits Jekyll who claims to have ended all ties with Hyde, showing a note from Hyde
7) Jekyll is back to normal for a bit, but soon stops allowing visitors
8) Lanyon dies from the shock of seeing Jekyll and gives Utterson a letter not to be read until Jekyll dies
9) Jekyll's butler visits Utterson asking for help as he has been seculuded in his lab for weeks
10) They find Hyde's body in Jekyll's clothes and appears to have died from suicide
11) Utterson reads Jekyll's letter:
- Lanyon's death was caused by seeing Jekyll transform into Hyde
- He did this to feed his dark impulses without getting caught
- He began becoming Hyde involuntarily
- He worries that if he cannot become Jekyll again he will have to face execution for his crimes


Who is Mr. Utterson? (4)

1) Respected lawyer
2) Reserved, dignified
3) Lacks imagination
4) Rational, has a hard time dealing with Jekyll's supernatural situation


Who is Dr. Lanyon? (3)

1) Reputable doctor
2) Rational, skeptical
3) Serves as a foil for Jekyll


Who is Mr. Hyde? (5)

1) Hyde = hide/hidden
2) Looks pre-human and deformed
3) Violent, cruel
4) Language is unable to describe him
5) Amoral


Who is Dr. Jekyll?

1) Respected doctor
2) Properous, established in the community
3) Secretly engages in corrupt behaviour
4) Sort of mystical, in touch with his emotions


Themes of Jekyll and Hyde (5)

1) The gothic city
- dark tones, empahsis on darkness
- smog from industrialism
- duplicity and not nice neighbourhoods

2) Social Darwinism
- satate of constant flux
- devolution

3) Morality
- a recent evolutionary feature
- since Hyde is devolved her lacks it
- amormal not immoral

4) The double
- who is the dominant personality?

5) The id
- unconscious component of the self that is focused on the satisfaction of desires and urges
- usually repressed
- Hyde is a manifestation of Jekyll's id


Plot of A Study in Emerald (8)

1) The narrator is looking for a place to live in Albion (England)
2) He meets a man with deductive skill and they live together
3) Inspector Lestrade of Scotland Yard brings news of a murder in Whitechapel
4) The detective deduces thatL
- the victim is an alien from Germany (although this isn't viewed as strange)
- "Rache" is written in green blood
5) The Queen consults them on the affair and heals the narrator's injury with her touch
6) The 2 go to a show starring Sherry Vernet
7) Posing as an agent the detective meets Sherry and determines that he was present at the crime scene
8) Sherry is determined to be a restorationist and believes that the "Old Ones" are harmful; uses the alias "Rache"


Who is the German noble? (2)

- an alien
- has green blood and extra limbs (the abject)


Who is the Queen? (3)

- one of the "Old Ones"
- alien
- able to heal with her touch


Who is the detective in A Study in Emerald? (2)

- similar to Sherlock Holmes
- revealed to be his enemy James Moriarty


Who is the Unnamed Narrator in A Study in Emerald? (3)

- injured in Afghanistan
- seems similar to John Watson
- revealed to be Sebastian Moran


Who is Sherry Vernet? (3)

- an actor
- a restorationist
- revealed to be Sherlock Holmes


Who is Sherry's accomplice? (3)

- walks with a limp
- restorationist
- later revealed to be John Watson


What are the themes of A Study in Emerald? (3)

1) Alien contamination
- conquest vs. collaboration
- attemtps of restoration

2) The uncanny/abject
- Who is human, who is not?
- Green blood, extra limbs

3) Restoration
- who is right, who is wrong?
- is justice served?


What is the sublime? An example

Makes pain delightful by introducing elements of distance
- for example Jekyll's suffering and Wilbur's suffering


What are family secrets and which texts are they present in?

A family that holds secrets usually is forced to face them at some point within a gothic text

1) The Castle of Otranto
2) The Fall of the House of Usher
3) The Man with the Twisted Lip
4) The Dunwich Horror


The uncanny

- Something being strangely familiar rather than simply mysterious
- Occurs when an everyday object/event is experienced in an unsettling way


The abject

- Taboos related to the body and its materiality and exposing bodily secretion
- e.g. blood, pus, a dead body


The grotesque

Anything bizarre, abnormal, or deviant from the norm


Detective fiction

Unlike other gothic genres, it shows that balance can be restored