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In “The Years of My Birth,” why did Linda’s birth mother give her daughter the name Linda?

It matched her brother’s name


In “The Years of My Birth,” what did Betty and Albert do to Tuffy every morning until she was 11 years old?

Stretch her legs


In “People in Wheelchairs are Sexier,”what was Katie’s motive for wanting to use her old wheelchair?

The old chair held special memories for Katie.
The new chair isolated her from her friends
The new chair was more cumbersome.
All of the above.


What details in “A Worn Path,” could be considered possible clues that Phoenix was born during slavery in the United States?

Phoenix being afraid of the wild dog she encounters on her Journey


In the story “My Man Jeremy” why did Jeremy stop being friends with Michael?

Michael kisses Jeremy friend Caitlyn


In “A Worn Path,” what did the path taken by Pheonix symbolize?

A struggle for freedom for the next generation, from oppression


Identify which answer possesses the abstract wording:
“Broken glass lay on the floor.”
“The smell of fresh baked bread wafted through the house.”
“She was a free spirit.”
“Each gray stone was covered in dark, wet moss.”

“She was a free spirit.”


What is a characteristic of all narrators in a story?

They are unreliable.


“The Shawl” By Cynthia Ozik, the three female characters endure the torture of starvation in a Nazi concentration camp. Who is the only one of these characters who seems to be content and full, regardless of the circumstances?

Magda, the infant who was always kept under the shawl


In the story, “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty, Phoenix had overcome multiple confrontations of racism while also enduring the rugged terrain of the wilderness. Why does Phoenix, at such an old age, venture through the unpredictable path so often?

To retrieve medicine for her grandson


How did the author of “A Worn Path” move the character, Phoenix Jackson throughout the story?

by describing the animals, people and scenery she noticed along her way


In “The Years of my Birth,” Betty Wishkob was the night janitor who adopted the main character, Tuffy.



What does it mean for the setting to be a character?

The setting is personified.


In “The Painted Drum,” what is inside the small wooden chest that the protagonist discovered years before the Tatro house?



Who is the main character in “A Good Man is Hard to Find?

The grandmother


In “The Painted Drum,” what is the face of the drum decorated with?

A small bird painted in light blue


In “People in Wheelchairs Are Sexier” what does the main character Katie think about the movie The Fault In Our Stars, in particular the character Augustus Waters”

She did not like that the disabled character of Augustus Waters was played by an able-bodied actor sitting in a wheelchair.


In A Good Man is Hard to Find, what qualities does the grandmother imply someone needs to be considered a ‘good man’? Choose the answer that most fits the morals described in the story.

Reputable appearance, honesty, money/riches


True or False: Michael ended up telling Caitlin’s story on Jimmy Kimmel.



the shawl author

Cynthis Ozik


painted drum author

Louise Erdrich


eyes of a blue dog author

Gabriel Marquez


my man jeremy author

michael cera


people in wheelchairs are sexier author

alaina leary


the years of my birth author

louise erdrich


a worn path author

Eudora Welty


a good man is hard to find author

Flannery O'conner