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Q1. In class, various definitions of AI were given. It was argued that AI should be defined as “systems that act rationally". Give another definition of AI that was discussed in class, and in no more than two sentences, explain why the “acting rationally" definition is to be preferred.

Answer: Another definition given in class was: “AI is system that think rationally”. Acting rationally is a better definition because the system that only thinks does not have much use. We want it to be able to interact with the environment.


Q2. Describe the difference between a deterministic representation and a stochastic representation of an AI system.

Answer: An environment is stochastic if at least one of the following is true:

1. Sensing uncertainty - the agent cannot fully observe the current state of the world

2. Effect uncertainty - the agent does not know for sure immediate effects of its actions.

Otherwise the environment if deterministic.


Q3. Explain why the following statement is true or false: In order to pass the Turing test, a computer would have to behave at least as rationally as a human.

Answer: This statement is true because in order to pass the test, a computer must trick a human to make him/her think that it is another person. If computer is less rational than human it will not be able to act rationally when a normal person would.


Q4. Compare and contrast an AI system that thinks and acts humanly with one that thinks and acts rationally

Answer: Rationality is better defined than human behaviour. When one person would act rationally another would not. An agent that acts like human will make irrational decisions whenever a human would do that and an agent that acts rationally will always be able to act rationally in same situations. Using rationality is a better design objective.