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Know which other individuals had seen the Lord prior to the brother of Jared (see lecture slides)

Adam and Eve, Enoch, Adam, Seth, Enos, Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared, Enoch and Methuselah


Know which other prophets had seen the same vision as the brother of Jared, and the different commandments they were given concerning whether or not they should write it, seal it, or publish it (Ether 3-4)

Nephi: don’t write all of it
The Brother of Jared: write it and seal it
*John: write it and don’t seal it


(Ether 5) Know the names of the three that Joseph showed the plates to after reading Moroni’s instructions here

Oliver Cowdry, David Whitmer and Martin Harris


(Ether 6) Know what the people desired of Jared and his brother in their old age and what Jared and his brother’s response was

Annoint one of them as a king over them but surely this leads into captivity


(Ether 6) Know the name of the first Jaredite king



(Ether 6) Be able to recall how long the Jaredites were at sea

344 Days


(Ether 8) Understand why Jared the son of Omer was upset

he did not get the kingdom when he wanted it


(Ether 8) Be able to recall some of the details about what the daughter of Jared the son of Omer did and what her motivation was

Omer (the king), Jared (the son), Daughter

-she says i’m gonna dance with this guy, and he’s gonna want to marry me, and she saying that if he wants to marry me then have Akish kill Omer
-Omer is Akish’s friend
-Akish is willing to kill his friend because of a girl


(Ether 8) Know how Akish got the throne from his father-in-law Jared

Akish's men killed jared


(Ether 8) Be able to recall how many daughters Orihah begot (from Study Questions/quiz)



As discussed in lecture, know what the “irony of evil” is

punished as much by our sins as we are for our sins, Wicked punished by wicked


Be able to tell me everything the Book of Mormon itself says about cureloms and cumoms



(Ether 9) Know what happened to Omer, son of Shule

-Lord tells Omer that Akish is going to kill him, and Omer flees with his family except Jared
-Lord warns the righteous


Know whether Morianton was a good guy or a bad guy and understand why

-gathers an army, overthrows the government, and establishes himself as king
-he lowers their taxes so the people loved him
-he’s a bad guy cause he commits whoredoms, so he was cut off from the presence of the Lord


(Ether 10) Know what was destroyed in the days of Lib (from Study Questions)

poisonous serpents


Know what Ether prophesied to Coriantumr concerning his ultimate fate

If he would repent and all his house hold, the lord would give unto him his kingdom and spare the people


Know what Moroni’s biggest fear was concerning his record and what the Lord’s response was

The Gentiles would mock the writings...Lord Responded Fools mock but they shall mourn


Be very familiar with Joseph Smith’s quote about faith from the lecture slides

“Faith is the assurance which men have of the existence of things which they have not seen, and the principle of action in all intelligent beings.”


Understand what Moroni taught concerning when the witness of our faith will come

after the trial of our faith


Know who moved the mountain Zerin

Brother of Jared


(Ether 13) Understand the concepts surrounding the New Jerusalem(s) (see Ether 13 and lecture notes)

Another New Jerusalem-City of Enoch will come down at the Second Coming, Independence Missouri


(Ether 15) Be able to recall who offered to give up their kingdom in order to spare the people



Know how Shiz died

Coriantumr cut off his head


(Mormon 2) Understand how the “sorrowing of the damned” differs from “godly sorrow”

Godly sorrow-hope to improve, all you care about is being right with God
Worldly Sorrow-give up, worried about the consequences of what other things, or if you get caught


(Moroni 4-5) Understand the differences between the covenant we make when we partake of the bread and the covenant we make when we partake of the water

With the bread we covenant/witness/promise that we are willing.
With the water we covenant/witness/promise to actually do it!


(Moroni 6) Be able to recall the specific reasons cited why did the church met together often

fast and to pray, speak about the welfare of their souls, partake of the sacrament


(Moroni 7) Know whose words are recorded in Moroni 7-9



(Moroni 7) Know what the word “hope” means in scriptural usage

“anticipation based upon testimony.”
-if you have faith, you should EXPECT to have life eternal through the atonement
-if you really believe him, you can expect this


(Moroni 7) Know what “the pure love of Christ” means, according to Mormon

Christ's love for us


(Moroni 8) Understand the cause of disputations in Moroni 8 and know what Mormon refers to as “solemn mockery before God”;

How to baptized. Infant baptism