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(Moroni 8) Memorize the second half of v. 27!

Behold, the pride of this nation, or the people of the Nephites, hath proven their destruction except they should repent.


(Moroni 8) Know which three nations were specifically mentioned as having been destroyed because the “spirit of the Lord has ceased striving with them” (lecture slides)

Jews, Jaredites and nephites


In Moroni 9, know what the Lamanites did to their Nephite prisoners and what horrible and gruesome things the Nephites did to the Lamanite captives

Lamanites to nephites- sacrificed women and children, fed the flesh of the Fathers to their wives and children
Nephites to Lamanties- Raped women, killed them and then ate their bodies like they were wild beasts


(Moroni 10) Be able to recall how many years passed from the time of the sign of Christ’s coming to the time Moroni sealed up the plates (and how long he had wandered since the final battle at Cumorah; see also Mormon 6)

36 years of wandering, 421 years


Know which three Book of Mormon prophets specifically told us they would meet us at the judgment bar (lecture notes)

Moroni, Nephi, Jacob