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America first

Isolationist group
Charles Lindbergh


Lend lease

FDR say well will become the arsenal of democracy


We cut of

Money oil and metal to Japan


Pearl Harbor

Japanese surprise attack Pearl Harbor naval base in Hawaii kill over 2000 destroying over 180 planes 10-12 battleships and pulling us into the war

Germ. Italy declare war on us



1st major battle of war
Operation MAJIc


Layte golf

MacArthur reunited 2/3 dead
Largest naval battle of entire war


Iwo Jima

In five days us captures the top of mount surabatchi and raises the flag, takes over a month to take the island 5 miles long and 2 miles wide.
James Bradley wrote flags of our fathers, In memory of his father who helped raise the flag



First major battle in Europe Eisenhower takes on the desert fox( Erwin Rommel) and starts at a disadvantage, calls in George Patton who knows tank warfare and wins cutting off Adolf Hitler from Africa and the Middle East


June 6th 1944

Operation overlord. Land on the beaches of Normandy and gain a foothold in Northern Europe. The second single bloodiest day in battle of American history



Battle of the bulge Germans attempt to split the allied forces by driving him army through the center, he pushes the center of the allied deffense line back giving the appearance of a bulge and giving way to the name. We eventually win when hiltler begins to run low on supplies and manpower.


Reasons for the atom bomb

American lives
Russia/ control in Japan
Russia's intimidation


Ten major points
How we got into wwII
Trying to stay out
3 major battles from each side
Why we dropped boom boom

America first
2) lend lease
3) 3 major things we cut off
4) Pearl Harbor
5) midway
6) layte golf
7) Iwo Jima
8) Tunisia
9) day operation overlord Normandy
10) battle of the bulge
3 reasons for a bomb droppage