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Suppose DynaScan, makers of LED-based digital signage, found that women could assemble more signage parts than men during a shift. Therefore, woman would be paid a higher weekly salary than men. This would be legal because...

There is a difference in performance.


As a HRM specialist, you are responsible for orienting a new group of employees. Your orientation topics will include all of the following except...

Interviewing skills


At a large book publishing company like Cengage, we would expect Human Resources management to be handled by ____.

At a small local print shop, Human Resources management would probably be _____.

The personnel manager, the responsibility of the owner.


Activities that increase employee satisfaction such as satisfaction surveys, employee communication programs, exit interviews, and fair treatment are all part of which phase of the Human Resources management process?

Maintaining Human Resources


A computerized data bank containing information on the skills and experience of all employees is called...

A skills inventory


Blowfish Fisheries is considering hiring Hispanics to ensure the success of its newest products, blowfish enchiladas. The company expects that the additional cultural viewpoints will provide it with....

A marketing edge


You were asked to write a report to management indicating the primary advantage of external recruiting. You chose to focus on external recruiting’s ability to ___ as its primary advantage.

Bring in new perspectives and varied backgrounds


Suppose your state has an acted a law that demands equal compensation for jobs requiring about the same level of education, training, and skills. This concept is called...

Comparable worth


A performance appraisal service all of the following purposes except...

It allows the employee to see where he or she ranks against all the other employees in the company.


One of the main reasons employers offer employees flexible benefits plans is…

Because employees have diverse needs, and choosing their own benefits package will better meet those needs.


When Mary Smith excepted a position with Xerox Corporation in San Francisco, she knew little about what to expect. However, all her fears soon dissolved. One week before she began, she received a thorough orientation to the company, was introduced to her coworkers, was invited to lunch daily, and was encouraged to join a company sponsored employees club. Xerox seems to be satisfying Mary’s _______ needs.



Determining how the work environment affects productivity was the original objective of...

The Hawthorne studies


The idea that satisfaction and dissatisfaction are distinct dimensions is referred to as…

The motivation-hygiene theory


All of the following are characteristics of McGregor’s Theory’s X except...

People have the ability to accomplish in organization’s goals.


Which of the following strengthens desired behavior by eliminating an undesirable task or situation?

Negative reinforcement


What is the main weakness of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and Herzberg’s motivation-hygiene theory?

They do not explain why or how motivation is developed and sustained.


To retain its key middle managers and to reduce the effect of a bank closure on its incomes, X Bank has established a two year severance pay package. Theoretically, the bank is motivating employees to stay with the company through...

Negative reinforcement


The team member that places the team’s goals first is fulfilling what role?

Task specialist


The human relations movement in management was born out of experiences cited in the Hawthorne studies.



The need for a esteem may be satisfied through personal accomplishments, promotion to more responsible positions, and honors and awards.



Using information about customers to create marketing strategies that develop and sustain desirable long-term customer relationships is known as...

Customer relationship management


A Corvette, a dinner at the Olive Garden, and an overnight stay at a Hilton hotel all satisfy human needs. Therefore, each...

Possesses utility


The utility created by making a product available when customers wish to purchase it is called _____ utility.



Between the 1920s in the 1950s business had a strong ______ orientation, in which emphasis was placed on increased advertising, enlarged sales forces, and occasionally high-pressure selling techniques.



Federated insurance wants to expand its line of life insurance products by introducing a new policy. In keeping with the marketing concepts, it will likely research all of the following except...

Who the major competitors most recent buyers are


Southside Distributors in Los Angeles distributes beverages for a major corporation in Kansas City. It is specifically a part of a ____ market



Products that can be marketed successfully with the undifferentiated approach include sugar and _____



Car manufacturers tend to use the ______ approach in choosing their target market.



Accurate and timely information is the foundation of affective marketing, especially of the marketing concept.



At the Mattel company, A marketing information systems stores data on regional sales activities, promotional costs, and international inventory levels. These data or examples of external sources.



Automobile fenders are in example of....

Component parts


Consumers would most likely treat candy bars as _____ products.



All of the following are characteristics of the introduction stage of the product lifecycle except…

The appearance on the market of refinements or extensions of the original product.


The product lifecycle stage in which there is a decrease in the rate of sales growth, the sales curve begins to decline, and dealers simplify the product lines is called..



Razor Company’s blades are in the maturity stage of the product lifecycle. How can a company strengthen its market share?

Re-designing and packaging


The redesign of a bicycle to improve its safety is an example of a(n) ______ modification



In a meeting to generate new products, the advisory committee felt that it came up with some excellent ideas. Now that there is a list of products ideas, the next step is...



The label on a bag of Fritos is not required to describe the...

Safety precautions


For product modification to be effective, all but which of the following conditions must be met?

Product must be an appliance.


If variation of an existing products, such as freeze dried coffee is an example of product imitation.



What do users say is their primary reason for using social media?

Staying in touch with family and friends.


Which of the following is true about marketing messages and social media?

Social media marketing messages are not like traditional marketing messages.


Which of the following is most likely to be the manner in which a business connects and communicates with other businesses rather than with customers?



KPI’s are...

Quantitative measurements that define and measure the progress toward social media objectives


Computers and software belong to which of the following specialized e-business resources?



Which of the following would not be considered a revenue stream?

Sale of a Sony music warehouse


McDonald’s and Burger King share a similar ______ Because they offer about the same products and need about the same type of employees.

Business model


Online firms like that take a B2C model approach…

Incorporate all of the above


Which of the following is not an internal force affecting e-business?

The Economy


External forces that affect e-business include all the following except…

Available financing


A firm that has $260,000 in assets and $158,000 in stock holders’ equity. It owes $55,000 from a long-term loan, and this is its only long-term liability. This firm has ________ in total current liabilities.



It public corporation must change it’s lead auditing firm…

Every five years.


Regina owns and operates her own bakery and coffee shop. Regina has no accounting training and has only three employees. How does she most likely handle the necessary accounting for her business?

She pays a public accountant to do the accounting for her business.


If the assets of Martin’s Pet Store are $107,000 and the owner’s equity is $75,000, which of the following is a correct statement?

The liabilities are $32,000.


Jenny Garcia coffee shop is in the process of organizing its assets in the appropriate order. They ask you for help in arranging the following assets: equipment, accounts receivable, cash, merchandise inventory, and notes receivable. You list ______ first and _____ last.

Cash; equipment


A firm has $260,000 in assets and $158,000 in stockholders’ equity. It owes $55,000 from a long-term loan, and this is its only long-term liability. This firm has _______ in total current liabilities.



Schulster Hardware, inc., had a gross profit of $380,000, operating expenses of $210,000, and income taxes of $48,000. What is Schulster’s net income after taxes?



If you are taking a commonsense approach to evaluating a firm’s accounting information, which of the following would not be something that you would hoped to see?

Paying great attention to current profits and not worrying about the future.


The cost of good sold for McPherson fashions is $360,000. The beginning inventory for the firm was $20,000. 12 months later the ending inventory was $40,000. What is the firms inventory turnover?

12 times a year

inventory turnover = cost of goods sold / average inventory


Rick and Joe get together and start a mortgage brokerage business. They each contribute $25,000 of capital to the business. After the first year of operation, the total owners equity is listed at $60,000. Most likely, the additional $10,000 of owners equity is…

Retained earnings


All of the following are uses of long-term financing except…

Eliminating immediate cash flow problems.


Jones Manufacturing needs $450,000 to build a new plant. It must also spent $200,000 on new equipment for the plant. Both of these needs are examples of _____ needs.

Long-term financing needs.


The steps in effective financial planning are…

Establishing organizational goals and objectives, budgeting for financial needs, and identifying sources.


Each year Caliente Inc. follows the budgeting process. The first step is always to look at the previous year’s budget and see if anything needs to be updated. Caliente uses _______ budgeting.



The greatest part of a firms financing is provided by…

Sales revenue


Which of the following sources of funds would be the last resort for a corporation?

The sale of assets


When a seller allows the buyer 30 to 60 days to pay for a purchased, the sales arrangement is called…

Trade credit


Max beauty supply has ordered $5000 worth of merchandise from Kelly’s beauty supply Inc. the invoice to Max has discount terms of 2/10, net 30. Max writes a check within ten days for...



Although Hargrove company makes enough money to pay for everything it needs, it’s still chooses to have some debt and pay a larger portion of retained earnings back to the stockholders. What is likely the best exclamation for this decision?

Financial leverage


Baxter equipment earn $300,000 last year. It’s owners equity total $2,500,000. Based on these amounts, what is the firm’s return on owners’ equity?

12 percent

Earning/Owners Equity = Return %