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T/F: It is common for immigrants coming to the US to choose formula as their prefered method of feeding as a means of acculturation.



The nurse is reviewing the laboratory test results of a pregnant client. Which one of the following findings would alert the nurse to the development of HELLP syndrome?

A) Hyperglycemia
B) Elevated platelet count
C) Disseminated intravascular coagulopathy (DIC)
D) Elevated liver enzymes

Elevated liver enzymes


Which of the following things is it important for a hospital to do in order to be considered 'Baby Friendly'?

Encourage rooming in


What is the most common site of implantation in an ectopic pregnancy?

Fallopian Tube


Assessment of a pregnant woman and her fetus reveals tachycardia and hypertension. There is also evidence suggesting vasoconstriction. The nurse would question the woman about use of which substance?



Which of the following does not put the patient at risk for postpartum hemorrhage?

Third stage of labor lasting 15 minutes


A nursing student is preparing a presentation on minimizing heat loss in the newborn. Which of the following would the student include as a measure to prevent heat loss through convection?

- Placing a cap on the newborn’s head
- Placing the newborn skin-to-skin
- Keep the newborn out of direct cool drafts
- Using a radiant warmer to transport a newborn

To prevent heat loss by *convection*, the nurse would keep the newborn out of direct cool drafts (open doors, windows, fans, air conditioners). In the environment, work inside an isolette as much as possible and minimize opening portholes that allow cold air to flow inside, and warm any oxygen or humidified air that comes in contact with the newborn.

Placing a cap on the newborn’s head would help minimize heat loss through *evaporation*.

Placing the newborn skin-to-skin with the mother helps to prevent heat loss through *conduction*.

Using a radiant warmer to transport a newborn helps minimize heat loss through *radiation*.


What type of exercises can a patient do after delivery to help regain pelvic tone and reduce the likelihood of stress incontinence?

Fucking kegels


A client is diagnosed with gestational hypertension and is receiving magnesium sulfate. Which finding would the nurse interpret as indicating a therapeutic level of medication?

A) Urinary output of 20 mL per hour
B) Respiratory rate of 10 breaths/minute
C) Deep tendons reflexes 2+
D) Difficulty in arousing

Deep tendon reflexes of 2+


A factor from delivery that puts the patient at greater risk for DVT is:

Extended time in stirrups for pushing


A woman with gestational hypertension experiences a seizure. Which of the following would be the priority?

A) Fluid replacement
B) Oxygenation
C) Control of hypertension
D) Delivery of the fetus



When a new father is in the reality stage of his role development process, he may:

Experience conflict between what the expectations of having a new baby were and what the reality is


Sharp abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, *occurs 6-8 weeks post menstrual cycle*

cardinal signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy


With or without *frank red* vaginal bleeding, *rigid abdomen*, abdominal pain

cardinal signs and symptoms of abruptio placentae


*Painless* vaginal bleeding

cardinal signs and symptoms of Placenta previa


Vaginal bleeding (light), pelvic *heaviness*, may or may not have *contractions*

cardinal signs and symptoms of cervical insufficiency


Dark brown to bright red vaginal bleeding during the first trimester, severe nausea and vomiting, vaginal passage of *grape-like cysts*

cardinal signs and symptoms of gestational trophoblastic dz


T/F: By two weeks post partum, the external cervical os will return to its pre-pregnancy appearance.



After a spontaneous abortion, a woman who is Rh-negative needs to receive:



After teaching a group of students about the use of antiretroviral agents in pregnant women who are HIV-positive, the instructor determines that the teaching was successful when the group identifies which of the following as the underlying rationale?

a) Treatment of opportunistic infections
b) Can cure acute HIV/AIDS infections
c) Reduction in viral loads in the blood
d) Adjunct therapy to radiation and chemotherapy

Reduction in viral loads in the blood


Subinvolution of the uterus after delivery can be caused by:

a full bladder


The leading cause of maternal death in pregnancy is

obstetric hemorrhage


Mrs. Smith delivered a baby girl by C section 2 days ago. Where would you expect to be able to feel her fundus today?

One centimeter above the umbilicus
Two fingerbreadths below the umbilicus
Midway between the umbilicus and the symphysis pubis
Nonpalpable abdominally

2 fingerbreadths below her umbilicus


As the nurse caring for a client with hyperemesis gravidarum, you recognize that treatment includes the following (select all that apply)

first line: dietary & lifestyle changes
if that fails: hospitalization to reverse fx of severe n/v - fluids (5% dextrose in Lactated ringers w/ vitamins & electrolytes), NPO for bowel rest, antiemetics

If that doesn't help, may resort to TPN


A 10-week pregnant woman with diabetes has a glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C) level of 13%. At this time the nurse should be most concerned about which of the following possible *fetal* outcomes?

a) Abruptio placentae
b) Congenital anomalies
c) Incompetent cervix
d) Placenta previa

Congenital anomalies


A nursing student is reviewing an article about preterm premature rupture of membranes. Which of the following would the student expect to find as factor placing a woman at high risk for this condition? (select all)

A) High body mass index
B) Urinary tract infection
C) Low socioeconomic status
D) Single gestations
E) Smoking

Low socioeconomic status
Urinary tract infection


T/F: ALL patients who have a placenta previa must have a cesarean section for delivery



After teaching a woman who has had an evacuation for a hydatidiform mole (molar pregnancy) about her condition, which of the following statements indicates that the nurse's teaching was successful?

A) "I will be sure to avoid getting pregnant for at least 1 year."
B) "My intake of iron will have to be closely monitored for 6 months."
C) "My blood pressure will continue to be increased for about 6 more months."
D) "I won't use my birth control pills for at least a year or two."

"I will be sure to avoid getting pregnant for at least 1 year."


What is the primary hormone that results in lactation?




Mothers who choose not to breast feed should:

Not provide any stimulation to their breasts for the first few days after delivery