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What is the purpose of a cash budget?

Let manager compare actual budgets with planned budgets
Highlight periods where negative balance is expected so they can take corrective action
Highlight periods of surplus cash flow which could be invested in capital
Secure a loan from a bank
Management can control expenditure
Set targets to focus on which motivates employees


Why do businesses have cash flow problems?

Owners drawing too much
Too much money tied up in stock
Low sales
Bad debts
Too much credit foe customers
Purchasing fixed assets
Lack of forward planning


How to solve cash flow problems?

Sell unnecessary assets
Arrange cheaper finance
Arrange cheaper suppliers
Stricter debt control
Discounts for prompt payment
Promotions to reduce stock level
Owners draw less cash


Income statement

Trading account:
Compares value of sales to the customer with the value at cost price
Calculates gross profit
Income statement:
Calculates profit and loss after all expenses are deducted


Statement of financial position terms

Shows assets of a business and its liabilities
-trade receivables are customers who haven’t paid yet
-trade payables are suppliers who have sold goods to the gin
-working equity is difference between current assets and current liabilities


Purpose of a statement of financial position

State the value of assets of organisation
A legal requirement
Shoes working equity figure
Informs decision making


What documents do management use?

Profitability checks organisations performance in comparison to previous years and competitors
Improve profitability for the future and identify where savings made and costs reduced


What do owners use?

Interested in profitability to compare return with other investment opportunities
Can decide to remain investor, increase investment or reduce it


What do employees use?

Profitability to determine if thy can get a wage increase
Salves revenue for job security


Trade payables use?

Overall profitability Nd liquidity to asses likelihood of receiving payment for goods they have supplied or intend to supply


What do banks and lenders use?

Overall profitability and liquidity to decide whether to supply finance or demand repayment of amounts already paid


What does hmrc use?

Profit made by organisation
Allows for calculating tad due from the organisation


What do potential investors use?

Trading account shows profit frombuying and selling stock
Income statement shows overall profit over specified time
Statement of financial position shows position of a business at exact times
Cash budge shows predicted income and expenditure for upcoming year
Share price shows current value for the organisation