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What happens when Alveolar partial pressure of oxygen falls?

Hypoxic vasoconstriction which diverts blood to other well ventilated areas for better gas exchange


How can COPD lead to cor pulmonale?

COPD causes hypoxic vasoconstriction which leads to pulmonary hypertension and eventual cor pulmonale as the the right ventricle dilates because it is pumping against greater pressures


Alveolar gas equation

PAlveolar= PIO2 (150mmHg) - Parterial CO2/ R


A-a gradient

The amount of oxygen that can be transferred from alveolar spaces to arterial spaces....the lower the difference the better the transfer (better diffusion)
normal is 10-15 mmHg


Widened A-a gradient causes of hypoxemia?

means that oxygen is getting into the lungs but is not being transferred to the blood
1. V/Q mismatch
2. Right to Left Shunting
3. diffusion limitation (fibrosis)


What is Hypoxemia? Hypoxia?

1. Hypoxemia--is decreased partial pressure of oxygen in the blood
2. Hypoxia-- is decreased delivery of oxygen to the tissues


Normal A-a gradient of hypoxemia?

means that the oxygen is not getting in. But transfer from alveoli to blood is still efficient
1. high altitudes
2. HypOventilation