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Why do these metal salts give off a characteristic colour?

Since each element has its own electron configuration this means that each element has different electron transitions and thus characertistic colour


How could you determine what metal is contained in an unknown substance

Hold the salt in the blue flame of the Bunsen Burner and observe the colour given off. Compare this colour with the standard colours given off my different metals


How would you prevent cross contamination?

Use a new disposable wooden splint for each salt tested


Why is a damp wooden splint used to hold the salt?

It does not give off a colour that would interfere with the characteristic colour emitted by the salt


Give one practical application of flame tests

To identify the presence of certain metals


KCl, KNO3, Na2HPO4.12H2O,Na2SO3.7H2O, NaHCO3 and Na2SO4.10H2O.
Describe how the student could have distinguished between the samples that contained potassium
ions and those that contained sodium ions using the flame test technique.

Introduce salt into flame of bunsen burner using soaked wooden splint
sodium (Na) gives yellow flame
potassium (K) gives lilac flame