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What is it?

- Flexible labour describes economic practices that have emerged since the 1970s that contrast with industrial capitalism
- Describes practices such as flexible contracts and recognition that jobs are not for life


What are the three components Guest 1987 see's flexibility to have?

- Organisational design
- Job design
- Employee attitudes and motivation


What does Guest conclude?

- Flexibilities in organisations can only be achieved if employees display organisational commitment, trust and motivation


Whats the need for flexible labour firms?

- Market stagnation- meaning a combination of world recession and inability to compete leads to having to reduce unit costs.
-Uncertainty - Firms operating in these uncertain times means firms are cautious about committing themselves in employment terms
- Technological changes - Employees need to be able to be responsive e.g flexible contracts
- Market conditions - high unemployment and few labour shortages


What are the three types of flexibility?

1) Functional -redeployment between tasks, multitasking, change in careers
2) Numerical - responsive increase and decrease in labour force. Looser contractual relationships between employer and employee. Also shift to different payment systems such as assessment based pay
3) Financial - Pay and employment costs reflect supply and demand in the market


What is meany by a boundaryless career?

- A career that is meant to span across a set of different organisations, sectors, domains etc


What is meant by nonstandard work?

Employer by that doesn’t involve a fixed working schedule at the same physical location for an extended time


Which generation are more likely to have jobs that are non standard?

Generation Y - the netgeneration born since the 1980s