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Who and what year was social identity theory brought about?

1986 by Henri Tajfel and John Turner


What did Tajfel argue about people who saw themselves as more important than their group?

As long as the individual see themselves as more important than their group,then the latter cannot function effectively


What is the social identity theory?

A persons self concept is based not only on individual characteristics or personal identity,but also on their group membership


What do people do once in a group?

Compare themselves against other individuals and groups as ppl have the strong tendency to mentally organise things and people


What are the three stages involved in the evaluating the them and the us?

-self concept
-social categorisation
-Social comparison


What’s involved in the self concept?

The way see ourselves,impacting personal feelings and how a person acts in a group
-Comes from membership of a group


What are the two functions that self concept fulfils?

1) defines and evaluates a person
2)Prescribes appropriate behaviour for them which happens through social comparison


What is meant by social comparison/categorisation?

-This involves classifying the people we meet on the basis of how similar or different they are to us
-See our group as favourable to ensure self esteem


The strategies that groups adopt to manage their identity depend on subjective belief structures, what are they?

members’ beliefs about the nature of the relationship between their group and a specific out-group (e.g. Ellemers, 1993; Hogg & Abrams, 1988).


What are the consequences of categorising someone?

Rather than “seeing” that person as an individual, you see them through the lens of the prototype of the category you have placed them in—they become deperson- alised in terms of the attributes of the prototype


What did Sennett 1998 believe about Identity at work?

- Work has become fragmented/flexible
- Workers are asked to behave nimbly, be open about short term change, take risks and be less dependent on regulations
- Aytipical working patterns and geographically flexibility puts high strain on the family life


What is the Myers Briggs 1976 Type indicator?

A personality test that measures personality traits which contains 100 questions about how they usually feel or act in situations.


What are the four ways the Myers Briggs indicator assesses people?

Introvert/Extrovert - I OR E
Intuitive or sensing - (N OR S)
Feelings or thinking - F or T)
Perceiving or judging (P or J)


What did Jungs 1923 personality indicator suggest?

People can either be characterised as being introverts or extroverts


What is involved with an introvert?

Withdrawn,shy,careful,unsociable,passive and thoughtful
- Jung saw them as better leaders and more stable


Whats involved with an extrovert?

Outgoing,active,talkative,sociable,optimisitc and impulsive
- Jung sees as unbalanced
- Jung also believes that each person has both introvert and extrovert characteristics


What are the criticisms of psychometric Testing?

- Based on limited information so shouldn't be used to make any big decisions