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What is the only primary flight control that is not FBW (fly-by-wire)

- Ailerons


What is the difference between normal mode and direct mode?

- There are no higher level functions available in direct mode


What are the higher level functions associated with pitch?

- Gain on speed
- Elevator thrust compensation
- AOA limiting


What are the higher level functions associated with yaw?

- Yaw damp
- Turn coordination
- Gain on airspeed - as airspeed increases, rudder deflection decreases


What is the priority for the trim system?

- Back-up
- Captain
- First officer
- Autopilot


How is roll controlled?

- Ailerons and multifunction spoilers (outer 3 spoilers on each wing)


How many spoiler are on each wing? What are their functions?

- 5
- 3 outboard multifunction spoilers are used to assist in roll control, as speed brakes, and as ground spoilers
- 2 inboard spoilers are only used as ground spoilers


When will the speed brakes automatically close even if the lever shows deployed?

- Slat/flaps selected to 2 or greater
- Airspeed < 180 its
- TLA > 70


What is the flap/slat extension/retraction sequence?

- Slats extend first
- Flaps retract first


Will loss of airspeed data cause the flight controls to go into DIRECT mode?

- Yes


Can a FCM override pilot input?

- No, the pilot always has supreme control


What happens to artificial fell if flight controls are disconnected?

- Artificial feel is felt at 1/2 the normal load


How are the flight controls trimmed?

- Roll & Yaw ailerons and rudder surface repositioned to a new neutral position
- Pitch horizontal stabilizer


Will the multifunction spoilers function in DIRECT mode?

Yes, for roll only and a default fixed gain


Will the speed brake/ground spoilers function in DIRECT mode?

- No


What happens to the flight control system when the RAT is the only AC power source?

- Horizontal stab tim operates at LO SPEED
- Slat/Flap system operates at LO SPEED
- Slat/Flap position is limited to 3 to allow adequate airspeed for the RAT