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What are the ICAO step sizes for FMC?

2000ft to FL290 then 4000ft above


How force FMC to plan route without step climbs?

Put 0 in the step climb in perf init page


On FMC Prog page how can you easily find out Distance, ETA, and Fuel overhead either an enroute or off track waypoint or airport?

Place it into the DEST LSK3 position


How does FMC calculate fuel?

Uses fuel flow from engine start and onwards


How enter a step climb altitude to a cruise waypoint on FMC legs page?

Enter the altitude but put an "S" at the end of the value


What enter into FMC to fly present position on a course of 150deg?

P/P150 into active waypoint on legs page


How intercept an outbound course from an off track waypoint? (e.g. WP 180deg)

WP180 into scratchpad then up to LSK1 on legs into active leg


How far can offsets go out to?

99nm left and right of track


How intercept an airway?

Simply put the new airway in the route page 1 at the top


How enter either a latitude or longitude crossing line across your track? (i.e. "report crossing 144 West")

Just simply put W144 onto legs LSK1 as active waypoint and FMC will automatically place in a new waypoint at the longitude at the appropriate point along your track


If they need you to report multiple latitude crossings e.g. report W144 an every 4 degs, how enter these waypoints in?

W144-4 into LSK1 on legs page and will auto put them in along your route in between existing route waypoints


How can you look at arrivals and departures on FMC for route two or other airports?

INDEX page on DEP/ARR page


What does the visual approach option give on ARR page?

8nm final and 3deg approach


What distance range can be entered in the rwy extension on arrivals page?



If a Left FMC fails with A/P and A/T in and LNAV and VNAV what messages will you get?

Autopilot caution, A/T disconnect, and lines through LNAV and VNAV


What is one easy way of knowing on HSI of FMC fail?

MAP caution up


How restore maps when both FMC fail?

Alternate Nav mode and can select CDU left and right to bring maps back up on HSIs


What two CDU pages are available after dual FMC Fail?

IRS legs page and IRS progress page


What waypoints are retained and lost in ALT Nav mode?

Most waypoints except for DME arcs and conditional waypoints which are lost


When making modifications on a CDU during alternate nav what must you do to the other CDU?

Must make same changes to other CDU too


During ALT Nav mode can new waypoint names be added into the legs?

No, must enter lat/long. Only existing waypoint names at time of dual FMC failure are retianed


How can a derate improve take of performance when runway is contaminated, wet, or short?

Lower MCG speed as less thrust so more directional control


Why is there extra conservatism by default when operating assumed temp take off method?

Because assumed temperature speeds are based on higher temp, but actual speeds flown (TAS) will be lower because actual temperature is cooler, adding in extra runway etc as a bonus


Why must max allowable thrust figures be used for VMCG calculations even when using assumed temperature?

Because pilot can still advance thrust levers to full power if they want


When is assumed temperature prohibited?

Contaminated with ice, slush, standing water, snow, or dispatching with anti-skid inop


How can you easily copy your route over to route 2 so you can modify it in case of anticipating a runway change or route change?

In the route 1 page there is the option to copy route