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You have a Helicopter Pilot who wants to Airplane Category added...what do you have to do?

61.63 (b) additional aircraft Category:
61.129 (b) 50 hours in airplane


Max Ramp WT






Max Baggage

200 lbs


How does a normally aspirated engine affect Vmc?

As altitude increases, Vmc will decrease.

Piston engines will have less dense air at higher altitude, and thrust output will be decreased. This will decrease amount of rudder a pilot needs to apply if an engine is lost.


Tell me about the props on the PA44?

Constant Speed
Variable Pitch
Hydraulically Actuated
Full Feathering


Va at 3800 lbs
Va at 2870 lbs

135 @ 3800
115 @ 2870



500 deg F


LOW FUEL QTY warning and caution will come on when:

Warning - L or R fuel tank is less than 5 gal

Caution - L or R fuel tank is less than 10 gal
POH 3-3/3-5


Tell my about the wing design of the semionle?

Thinner towards tips
Reduces drag because the smaller wingtip = smaller wingtip vortexes, but can cause stall at tips first.
Washout added in cuff design to change angle of incidence


Tell me about the induction system on the PA44?

Induction Air Box for CARB allows:
1. Filtered induction air in from Right side of engine (when Carb HT handle off)
2. Unfiltered Heated induction air in from Left side of engine (when Carb HT handle ON)
...filtered air always for TO
...unfiltered air bypasses filter if its blocked


What PSI is Nitrogen held under in the Prop System?

33-41 PSI


Tell me about the Un-Feathering Accumulator

Nitrogen and Oil are stored under pressure 275-300 PSI in flight.
Governor blocks passage of oil from the Accumulator.


What kind of engines does the Seminole have?

Left: O-360 (fires 1-3-2-4)
Right: LO-360 (fires 1-4-2-3)
- 4 cylinder
- Horizontally Opposed
- Air Cooled
- Direct Drive
- 361 cubic inches of displacement
- 180hp, 2700 rpm max, compression ratio 8.5:1


How long does it take to feather the prop?

accumulator equipped: 10-17 seconds
non-accumulator equipped: 6 seconds


How long does it take to Un-Feather the prop?

8-12 seconds


Why must you feather the prop before it drops below 950 rpm?

The Anti-Feathering Pins prevent feathering below 950!!


How does the prop maintain a constant speed?

1. Pitch is changed by The Prop. Lever/Blade AOA with RW
2. The prop lever/angle with RW changes pressure on the Speeder Spring, and tension on the Flyweights
3. Change in tension causes the Pilot Valve to move
4. This allows oil to move to/from the Prop Hub through the governor


Tell me about the Landing Gear on the Seminole. How does it operate? Switches?

- Electrically powered, hydraulically operated
(MIL-H-5606 hydraulic fluid)
- 600 psi to extend the gear
- 1800 psi to retract the gear
- L/R Squat Switches
- 3 Up/Down Limit Switches


What does the Left Squat Switch control? (3 things)

1. Prevents hydraulic gear pump from actuating if the master switch is turned on, while on the ground, therefore preventing gear retraction when on the ground (disconnected)
2. Turns off gear horn on ground (disconnected)

On takeoff, when the landing gear oleo strut drops to its full extension, the safety switch closes to complete the circuit which allows the hydraulic pump to be activated to raise the landing gear when the gear selector is moved to the UP position.


What does the Right Squat Switch control? (2 things)

1. No stall warning on ground (disconnected)
2. Runs mx hobbs when gear off gorund (connects)


Name 3 things that will trigger the Gear Warning horn

1. Left Squat Switch (gear UP on ground)
2. 14" MP or lower on 1 or both throttles
3. 2nd notch of flaps with gear UP


What are a few limitations of the GFC 700 Autopilot (G1000)? There are 9

Cannot be used:
1. Below 200' AGL on Approaches
2. DURING T/O or Landing
3. Below 400' AGL on T/O or Landing
4. Below 1000' AGL in Cruise
5. With a fuel imbalance of 10 gals
6. Below 80 KIAS (90 on IAPs)
7. Above 190 KIAS
8. For OEI Go-Arounds


What turns the landing gear pump OFF when gear is Retracted?

PSI reaching 1800!


How does a Governor work?

Supplies Oil at various pressures through the prop shaft to maintain constant speed/engine speed by varying the pitch of the prop in response to changing flight conditions


When checking propellers during run-up, why do you think we set the RPM to 1500?

- The max drop we are looking for is 500 RPM, and in the air the props will feather below 950 rpm?


What forces move the Propeller to a Low Pitch setting?

Primary: Oil
Secondary: Aerodynamic Twisting


What forces move the Propeller to a High Pitch setting?

Primary: Nitrogen
Secondary: Counterweights and Spring Forces


How long are AIRMETs, SIGMETs, and Convective SIGMETs valid for?

AIRMETS - valid 6 hours
WSs - valid 4 hours
WSTs - valid 2 hours


If there is inoperative equipment on an a/c with no MEL, what steps must you take?

1. VFR Day type cert
2. Kinds of Operations Lists
3. 91.205
4. ADs